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We’ve had a couple of readers write in to ask for an update on the Richmond St/Summerlin Ave drainage project.

We first told you about the project in December and in our most recent update we mentioned that the expected completion would be October.

Readers are upset that their road has been closed for so long in the Lake Davis area [GMap].

“Our cars are caked with mud and some cars are starting to smell because of all the mud.  Two people that I know of have gotten stuck and every single
day, your car will fishtail as you drive down the street – if you can drive down the street at all,” Justine Cowan wrote in to Bungalower.

The contractor, Gomez Construction, had until September 24, 2014 to reach substantial completion on the project according to a City spokesperson.

The contractor is now telling the City that Summerlin Ave will be back open on October 7th and Richmond on October 24th. But Bungalower has learned that the Public Works staff does not believe the contract will meet these goals.

Every day that they are over the September 24th date the contractor has to pay $500 in damages.

Cowan did note something that we have observed as well, that the neighbors have been very tolerant of the delays.

“I am also very impressed with our neighborhood.  Everyone has stayed polite and respectful as far as I can see but it is getting old, very old,” she said.

Here’s a look at some more photos from Cowan on what it looks like on their street:

Richmond 5 Richmond 1 Richmond 2 Richmond 3 Richmond 4 Richmond 6

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  1. I have a question for Bungalower; why is the Delaney Park area becoming LESS historic every time I drive through it? Beautiful, charming older homes are being demolished regularly and replaced with soulless David Weekly abominations that destroy old trees and eat up the entire plots! If someone wants to live in the land of stepford wives, then they can go to Celebration or Baldwin Park. People move to downtown neighborhoods for the historic homes and trees. Allowing this destruction to continue will ruin what charm is left. They even bulldozed my favorite 1920s Spanish home on Delaney Park Drive unreal! The developers are OUT OF CONTROL, and the city is turning a blind eye to it!!

  2. Well, if they don’t turn over the late fees at least they could turn over some of the fish the workers catch while “working” fishing rod in hand at Lake Davis

  3. Jason Porter how could this ever happen when we see they’re using their resources so efficiently each day hahahaha

  4. I think the City of Orlando should turn over those $500 a day contractor late fees to the residents along Summerlin and Richmond.