Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 2

We’ve first told you about the The Brownstones at Thornton Park (Website | Facebook) back in March, and then provided updated exterior renderings in July.

Now, the 28-unit townhome complex is set to break ground today in the South Eola neighborhood of the Thornton Park District.

The townhouses will be located at 620 Mariposa St. The property is also bordered by Jackson St and Summerlin Ave [GMap].

They are all three bedroom / 3.5 bathroom units from 2,100 to 2,325 square feet.

The ground floor has the garage and a small bedroom. The second floor is the main living space and the third floor is the master suite and another bedroom.

The plans also have an optional rooftop terrace with a spa. Some of the units have elevators in them.

The complex is made up of four different buildings. Two of the buildings are 10-units. One faces Jackson St and the other Summerlin Ave. The other two buildings face an internal courtyard.

Prices starting in the high $500,000.

The estimated completion date for the project is next fall.

Here’s a look at the updated renderings of the inside of The Brownstones at Thornton Park, an example floor plans and exterior renderings:

Thornton Park Brownstones_Interior_View1 Thornton Park Brownstones_Interior_View2 Thornton Park Brownstones_Interior_View3 Thornton Park Brownstones_upgrade_private_terrace_view Thornton Park Brownstones_upgrade_private_terrace_floor_plan Thornton Park Brownstones_unit_a

Thornton Park Townhomes Summerlin Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 1 Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 4 Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 3 Thornton Park Townhomes Mariposa



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  1. Gorgeous – kudos Orlando – keep the prices going up , it’s about time O Town is considered a place to own a luxury home , lets keep up with Cali , NY , Seattle .

  2. It’s the rich catering to the rich. What we really need in this town, is affordable housing.

  3. Puke. Why could they not have invested in something that creative a culture like artist apartment and studios rather than just capitalizing on Thornton park?

  4. I like the look of this development for many reasons.  I like the smaller footprint which gives green spaces and make it more pedestrian friendly.  It also seems fit the space the way they have it arranged on the property.
    I couldn’t find the architect either – just developer, construction guy, bank and brokers.  Local company, F&J, so I bet somebody could find out who designed this.

  5. BLAaaAAaaaH! Bore Ing… It’s such a shame that better use isn’t being made of a fantastic location!

  6. Bungalower ELH Only lists the developers >:( Probably means they don’t use architects or designers, unless they maintain them on staff. Their website doesn’t even have a contact number or email address.

  7. I’m pretty aware, but don’t think it’s legit. Market rose with investors buying and reselling just like the past. 2 blocks away are brownstones that just over a year ago were selling for $175K but now are in the $300’s. I know it’s changing but not sure it’s healthy growth

  8. I love the idea of brownstones. As long as they are as classic on the outside as inside. Timeless. Put some charm into the inside. Don’t just throw drywall up. Think… 2114, how would I want this to look and feel. Timeless….