OLV 228

OLV in Downtown South is now closed.

We started getting questions from Bungalowers late last week asking about the restaurant in the Sodo complex at 25 W. Crystal Lake St [GMap].

Prior to that we had seen that the restaurant was listed for saleย (the listing is still active and notes there is five years left on their lease).

A post on their Facebook page simply states “We are closed until further notice. Thank you.”

Scott Joseph spoke to a manager at the restaurant who said “we have issues.”

She did note that she hopes they will re-open but possibly under a different name.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens.

Gators Dockside and Fleet Feet Sports have both recently announced they will be moving into the Sodo complex.

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  1. Its a shame so many cool places closing down and then opening chains.. They are killing the smaller business with the outrageous rents these developers want from people and then they can’t survive… Why is it so hard to keep a great little spot alive in this world were people got together had food and some fun with friends…. So tired of it!!!

  2. Jonathan, I’m not at liberty to say, as there are many things in motion right now. I can say that I have chosen to move on, and that yes, my comment seen above was sassy.

  3. Yep. We mention that intention in our article too. But it’s never a good sign when a restaurant is listed for sale for a month and then closes.

  4. They posted on their page it was “till further notice” but not answering questions, which is making people come up with rumors like is normal when things are left hanging in the air with no answers. ๐Ÿ™