The Peacock Room in Mills 50 is now closed.

The bar located at 1321 N Mills Ave [GMap] posted on their Facebook page “As of 2AM October 28, 2014 – The Peacock Room is officially closed. We thank you for your support and patronage over the last 13 years.”

We had been making attempts to figure out what was happening with the bar after rumors of their closing started circulating. Our attempts to reach the owner were not returned.

We’ll keep you posted on what goes into their space.

Photo courtesy The Peacock Room Facebook page.

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  1. Hi. I was one of the two original owners. I sold my share last year.
    I agree with the gripes. I wanted to return to our roots as an art bar. This did not happen.
    The bar closed because the liquor license (a premium with a lot of add-on perks) was sold.
    I sincerely thank all of our patrons and friends. We might have gone down, but I believe we raised the bar in the day.
    A sincere Thank You!

  2. I reduced my patronage of Peacock Room for different reasons than those listed above. However, I’m curious about those mentioned, in particular the cover charge issue and drink price.
    Peacock only ever charged a cover when an outside promoter booked live entertainment or a crew of DJs. Regulars could always slide in before the door charge kicked in from Happy Hour until 8 or 9. Should there not be a door charge to cover entertainment?
    When the drink prices became too high, they were too high compared to drinks at other bars? If so, which bars are giving you better drink prices for comparable drinks?

  3. Their desire to always charge a cover was ridiculous. They may have stopped but, I stopped going a long time ago because of it.

  4. I heard that too from a friend who played and booked there. Hate to say it but probably a new not local restaurant going on that corner .

  5. $13 chocolate martini. Attitude. Cover charges for horrible acts. That’s why everyone I know stopped going.

  6. I had four drinks there the other day for $9 total. It hadn’t been an expensive martini bar for a while. One of the problems was that they had turned into an indie concert venue (a positive), however the bookings had been pretty poor the last year or so. Also, many bars just don’t have a long shelf life. There is a lot of competition.