Park of the Americas 1

This Saturday the City of Orlando will open their first off-leash dog park. The dog park is located inside of the Park of the Americas just east of the Executive Airport [GMap].

The park features separate areas for small and large dogs that allow them to run free within a fenced area.

Dog are permitted on-leash in the rest of the park. In addition to the fenced in dog areas the park has pavilions, picnic tables, grills, large open field and a playground for two to five-year olds.

You can bring your dog out to the ribbon cutting this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

While the park itself is outside the area we normally cover, we know that the park will be used by many people who live in the bungalow districts.

Here’s a look at the dog park at the Park of the Americas:

Park of the Americas 11 Park of the Americas 10 Park of the Americas 9 Park of the Americas 8 Park of the Americas 7 Park of the Americas 6 Park of the Americas 5 Park of the Americas 4 Park of the Americas 3 Park of the Americas 2

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  1. Annie!!!! Ahhh!! Yes!!! I’m gonna see if we can make it, at least w Lola! Hope we do- I miss your face!!! U0001f618U0001f495U0001f43e

  2. I say just pretend he/she is big. I can’t imagine people having an issue with you bringing a smaller dog into the large dog area. We have a Boston Terrier who will be in the big dog area.

  3. The rule about segregating dogs by weight is a joke. My little guys loves and only plays with bigger dogs.

  4. But my small dog likes to play with the big dogs. I have a big dog and small dog, how am I supposed to watch both if they have to be in different areas? silly rules