Mingos in Thornton Park is now closed.

Mingos was located at 100 S Eola Dr [GMap] in the South Eola neighborhood of the Thornton Park District.

The restaurant owner Nikesh Patel has been facing legal troubles.

A judge appointed a third-party to oversee business operations. The judge also order other assets including real estate to be sold.

According to Scott Joseph the UCF Mingos location remains open as of right now and may change names.

The Mingos Facebook page had the following message posted last week:

Friends, we regret to inform you that due to an inability to reach an agreement in lease negotiations within a timely manner, we will be closing Mingos Orlando at its current location. Don’t worry, we’ll eagerly announce a new location, soon! Thank you all for you continued support.

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  1. With a young lawyers event scheduled on last Tuesday, Mingos let us know not even an hour before the event they would not open nor honor our charity pricing (we were raising money and collecting food for Basket Brigade) leaving us to scramble. With trouble looming, they should have let us know in advance. I never had a good experience at Mingos and I’m hopeful to see a better restaurant managed by a better group of people in its place.

  2. Sad that one persons bad decision making costs people their jobs. They have a great team over there. I hope they can bounce back, quickly.

  3. Some places are just too trendy for Orlando. We go to Thornton park two or three nights a week to eat dinner. Not looking to spend $100 for a meal if it’s not a special occasion. So we go to dexters, shari etc for happy hour. Good food, atmosphere and prices.

  4. So far every restaurant there has served basic food. The corner needs something amazing like a fine dining version of Tako Cheena where the food bursts with unique flavors and the menu is varied enough to keep you coming back again and again!

  5. This is 100% correct. As someone who lives on this block, there just isn’t enough foot traffic to sustain a business of that sort. All anyone has to do is look at any of the condo building surrounding f the area at night, and see they are mostly vacant

  6. Not to be superstitious, but interesting how the cursed location (that particular leasing space) was built on the footprint of a church?

  7. That location will struggle until more residents fill in the area between central and south. I think the concept could succeed there once artisans 420, citi tower, and the townhomes are built. As of now, there’s just not enough foot traffic that far off central.

  8. Oh because I thought it was about the owner being being part of a scam company that went down & he was funding mingos

  9. Nothing lasts in that corner. The space is to large and rent I’m sure is to much for a single entity to handle.