Kittenger Plane

A F-4 Phantom from the Vietnam War was installed at Col. Joe Kittinger Park at 305 S Crystal Lake Dr at the Orlando Executive Airport [GMap].

The aircraft serves as a monument to honor and recognize the Central Florida Veterans that served and participated in the Vietnam War.

A non-profit raised the money to restore and display the plane at this location. According to their website the F-4 Phantom was the most significant aircraft in the Vietnam War:

The aircraft  provided close air support for the Army and Marines that fought the ground war. The aircraft was used to interdict strategic and tactical targets as directed by higher headquarters. The F-4 aircraft shot down the most enemy aircraft. The two fighter aces in the war, USAF and US Navy, flew F-4’s. I shot down a Mig 21 with an F-4. There is not a better monument to recognize the War in Vietnam than an F-4 Phantom. This monument is a way for our community to recognize and say thanks to the servicemen and women from the Central Florida area that served in the Vietnam War and the 333 that made the supreme sacrifice for our country.

The park is still closed while they finish the installation.

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  1. You strike me as someone I wouldn’t like, but I got to hand it to you, you’re a great troll!

  2. This really sucks. That aircraft represents the countless innocent Vietnamese lives that were lost due to foolhardy and genocidal American imperialism and greed. This fighter plane rained fire down on children. Great “memorial”! Hopefully this eyesore won’t be around very long. I see the prospect of graffiti and neglect making this a short-lived shrine to American aggression and racism. Plus, the Executive Airport itself is not long for this world…too close to downtown Orlando.