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Despite appearances, Dillard’s at Fashion Square Mall is not closing.

The department store is currently transitioning into a clearance center, a concept that is being tried at almost 20 other locations around the country.

The second floor has already closed. Almost all items in the store are marked at 65% off and large signs at the entrances alert customers that all sales are final.

Hours for the new Dillard’s Clearance Center are Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-7pm, and Sunday 12pm-6pm. The store is closed on Monday.

The store is located at the northeast corner of Fashion Square Mall at 3403 E Colonial Dr [Gmap].

Several changes have been announced for the mall since UP Development purchased the property in 2013. You can read more about them here.

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  1. I was very sad to see the store the way it is right now. Line of clothing all together. This was my favorite mall to shop when my kids were young. I remember going to Regis to do my hair, not in there anymore. The stores are empty and the employees are like hawk trying to sell something. I can see this mall is going down the hill like Artesan (formally known as Festival Bay Mall) at International Drive which finally closed and West oak mall in Ociee which is pretty much dead. I can say that we enjoyed the Indoor Mall era, But Outlets are taking over.

  2. “Despite appearances, Dillard’s at Fashion Square Mall is not closing.” That’s just what businesses say right before they close. Deny, deny, deny. Then, that day comes. Does anyone even shop at Dillard’s anymore, anyway? I never see anyone there, not even in the parking lot. It’s a wasteland of its former self. They made it through the Depression, but, their demise is coming soon.

  3. What that mall needs are some decent stores. No one wants to go to a mall with almost zero name brand stores that is already half empty and run down.

  4. Tried to go there last night not realizing Dillard’s was closing & it was all closed up with storm doors

  5. got 65% off on everything on Black Friday and 30% off on cologne, sunglasses and watches. #awesome

  6. Malls are dying EVERYWHERE. The developers building the hotel and apartments would be much better off if they just tore down Fashion Square first. Hopefully, someone will come to their senses before this crap negatively impacts the exploding home values in Audubon Park and other adjacent neighborhoods.

  7. What happened to trying to make Fashion Square suck less? It seems to me that making it a “clearance center” doesn’t really jive with the more upscale vision the developers claimed they had for its remodel.

  8. They need to just close the store. It’s filthy, cluttered, and the discounted merchandise isn’t worth the bad shopping experience. I’d rather go to Home Goods or TJ Maxx.

  9. Very eerie…. employees just hang around and mess with their phones instead of helping you

  10. Yes, it is quite dismal in regards to how the area looks now. BUT, if you have the patience…you’ll find some good deals. I bought a very formal dress that was $150 for $30.

  11. I left after 15 minutes. Most of the clothes are unsightly, nothing is organized and every dressing room I went to was closed. The prices are great, but who has hours to weed through piles of ugly clothes?

  12. The worst customer service ever. Even if you are a clearance store you should still maintain a level of customer service that other Dillard’s provide. I don’t need anything bad enough to shop here.

  13. It is a pit and I am annoyed that this ratty, rundown store is so close to my neighborhood. I’m hoping it closes.

  14. i went in there and turned right back and around and walked out. Granted it was around Christmas time but it was so cluttered and not shopper-friendly. I felt like I was in a back room warehouse.