Inverlad Development LLC (Website), the investment company behind the upcoming Ivanhoe Village development, The Yard at Ivanhoe Place, has submitted their application to the City of Orlando to be reviewed at the Feb. 17 City of Orlando MPB meeting.

As you will see, the design includes a multi-story residential building with over 630 units, retail facing Virginia Drive, artist spaces and dining options.

The property is already zoned Mixed Use but the developer is asking the City to allow them to divert Alden Road and is suggesting some improvements to Virginia Drive to accommodate an increase in traffic.

If approved, the construction is slated to begin in November of this year.

Information on the development can be found on the Ivanhoe place website, HERE.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. This is the best looking mixed use development this city has seen by far. This one actually DOES have character in my opinion, and it adds density which supports those businesses you love. Full speed ahead with this one!

  2. This is inevitable. That property is too valuable for redevelopment to pass it by. “Who do they think wants to live by a railroad track”? Ahh…but the “railroad” will quickly be gone… To be replaced with only SunRail trains soon to be silent ( no whistles) from Florida Hospital to Orlando Health. You may not like capitalism’s drive for ever increasing growth and redevelopment (that’s completely understandable), but this is a very old complaint with no real solution under our current system. The project will go forward. Growth and redevelopment will continue to completely alter the neighborhoods we know and love.

  3. Found this on their website for those concerned:  “To contact us directly, please email the Ivanhoe Place team at”

  4. I would encourage people to fill out the questionnaire linked from the Ivanhoe place site. It will at least allow you to voice your concerns directly.

  5. I’m excited for this project.  Orlando will continue to grow, and it will either grow through developments like this or through more far-flung suburbs.

    I hope this project can accommodate the businesses that are there right now. I’d rather see warehouses replaced by higher-density buildings than to see Florida nature replaced by single-family suburbs. 

    Hopefully, this project will mean a more serious plan for the northern Lymmo expansion and finishing the Orlando Urban Trail.

  6. This area has definitely seen an influx in new businesses – primarily unique and eclectic hidden gems. I hope they keep the industrial yet local neighborhood vibe with the new construction AND find a place for Thirsty Topher. In regard too the street – they need to work on alternate transportation, not widen it. Add turn lanes to aid in the flow of traffic, but focus on adding bike, moped and walking friendly alternatives.

  7. In one of the sketches, it look like The Venue is being relocated to a spot alongside the railroad tracks (behind Ski World). Did they consider the noise level? And a nine stories-tall tower?? In that neighborhood? Not a fan.

  8. I think this is a horrible idea!!!! All of the great small, locally owned businesses torn down for another stupid (unnecessary) condo complex with shops Ivanhood and Mills50 residents don’t want. This is ruining my neighborhood!!!

  9. I think what the developers miss is that it doesn’t always need to be torn down what makes neighborhoods in other cities cool is how you can reuse these cool warehouses into other spaces. I can’t even imagine the traffic. I use virginia all the time it will be a nightmare. Orlando has a history of underestimating traffic. I4 for example and the expansion is being done to alleviate the current usage and doesn’t take into account the growth rate. When it’s done we will be in the same place

  10. Absolutely awful ideas. Take an old, small business neighborhood and turn it into the same condo ridden, corporation, it’s all about the money garbage that we already have way too much of. Keep that stuff downtown and leave our neighborhoods and small businesses in those warehouses alone. Please!