This is the first of a new Candy Chang-inspired series of badly Photoshopped concepts for underused, vacant buildings and spaces in Orlando’s bungalow neighborhoods that we wish we could do ourselves, but can’t because we lack the funds.

So we’re giving you our ideas, to do with as you will.

This week’s “I wish this was” focuses on the corner lot of Bumby and Robinson, right on the tip of the Milk District.

The Hoods Up (OCPropertyAppraiser) was once a car repair shop but is now sitting vacant. The overhangs and abundance of windows/garage doors are reminiscent of the Black Bean Deli location on Colonial Drive, and make it stand out as one of the more architecturally pleasing buildings in the immediate area.

The Bungalower would love to see this space transformed into a beer garden. It’s position on the corner lot could be a face for the Milk District that showcases all of the bands and food truck events that are usually relegated to the back lots of the buildings up the street.

We think it would be a great Food Truck hub too. They park their trucks and plug into outlets so they don’t have to run their generators, you sit on the patio and drink your beverage of choice.

What do you think?

What do you wish it was?



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  1. I am pretty sure that the woman who owns the spot desires to keep it EXACTLY as it with no changes, it was her husband’s garage and he built it and she keeps it in his memory. At least that’s how I remember the story when it was told to me. I looked at this very location as an option before opening Oblivion Taproom.

  2. Do you actually think BurgerFi is an “independent local business”? You’re aware that they have like 50 locations all over the United States? That’s a chain, not independent or local.

  3. dang! John & Linda from Corporate jumping for joy. A thousand A+’s Bungalower. I’m going to like this series…

  4. I contacted ALDI and suggested the old WD location for a new store. They didn’t reply to my message tho.

  5. I’ve loved that little place ever since I moved here 18 years ago. I’d love to see something more in line with a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s during its heyday. Like a burger/Arcade joint would really be awesome.

  6. For years I’ve imagined this as a great location for a throwback Arcade/burger hang out.  Clearly it’s hey day was the 70’s and 80’s.  It would be nice to represent that time period with restaurantateria

  7. Too big of a space for Trader Joes…and in my opinion, I would like to see something better. Like whole foods or even something completely different in this spot. Either way, they need to do something with the winner Dixie eye sore.

  8. A food festival over a weekend in Cherokee Park which uses Lake Davis and Lake Cherokee as the background for a truly memorable weekend. Easily walkable from downtown and in the middle of a special neighborhood.

  9. This location would be an awesome restaurant! It would so unlike any where else I’ve ever been. Like a sonic but not as contrived.

  10. I researched it one day. It’s owned by an older couple who also have a business & property over off of 436. Orange County property appraiser and a little Google Maps will point in the right direction if you’re serious. : )

  11. I wish someone would fix Anderson from the 408 to Sumemrlin…it’s a mess! There are a few excellent homeowners, but for the most part it is occupied by renters. The owners of the rental properties don’t care about the properties…would be a great location for professional offices or more brownstones!

  12. I have thought this would make an awesome cafe, wine bar, etc! I don’t know who owns this property but it’s a great location for the something like this!!

  13. I 100% agree. This location is ripe with potential. It would be a great cadidate for a pizza joint called Pizza Peel from Charlotte.

  14. I was hoping it would be a BBQ spot, but I would take anything! I think the spot had been empty since I moved to the Milk District 8 years ago …

  15. unfortunately i’ve heard that the cost of cleaning up the stored oil in the pits of this building so that food or drink could be served is too much for any small business owner to really take on. shame.

  16. Why not a permanent location for food trucks instead of tasty tuesdays current location? I don’t think we need ANOTHER beer garden.

  17. Another car repair shop that is also a bar, so you can drink while you wait? Yep. That’s it.

  18. Awesome location for a Jeremian’s Italian Ice!!!!! The closest ones to downtown and Mills/50 are Aloma and the new location near SODO.

  19. I have been trying to gather info on this space for years. I’m dying to turn it into a Gastro-pub and keep the name-hoods up.

  20. If I had the money, I would turn the old Tire Kingdom on Colonial and Hampton into a brewery/tasting room. But, I don’t have money.

  21. We love all of the responses! The beauty of this is that it doesn’t HAVE to be anything. We’re just happy you’re “wishing” with us.

  22. I think it needs to be a Burger Fi or something along that line (independent local business) because there’s already a few beer joints very close

  23. “I wish this was ours… ours to turn into the most perfect little event space” Cedar Watson …. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this article – my biggest fear is that someone will get to this space before us.

  24. There is a lot of environmental clean-up required to turn that property in to almost anything other than what it is now. I have always thought it would make a great brewery/taproom.

  25. Every time I drive by this place it makes me really sad that it can’t be turned into something awesome…it’d be a REALLY awesome coffee shop.

  26. Does anyone know why this place is vacant?.it really is a prime location for a restaurant or something…especially with all the activity in the milk district lately..

  27. I drive buy this EVERY DAY and always daydream about what it COULD be… great location and architecture.. It reminds of Ribits on South Howard in Tampa (BBQ joint in an old gas station).