This empty commercial lot across from the Thornton Park Dexters [Gmap], has been vacant for years.

It’s prime real estate (OCPA Info) that we assume will be developed into another mixed-use building like the condos across the street.

That being said, we would still love to see it changed into an open communal space that the residents and Thornton Park visitors could take advantage of. We suggest transforming the lot into a community garden with a stage, a “Concert Garden” if you will.

Take down the fence, replace it with something artistic (we put in a hand-carved folk art wood fence), a hippy-dippy riser for live music, lots of plants and some lights to make it safe at night. Done. That empty wall to the right would look great with a mural, perhaps something a little less street and a little more “bluesy” by local artist Ken Pease (Website).

While we’re at it, we think it wouldn’t hurt to add a bar/lounge to the laundromat next door. Just move the building forward a bit and halve the suspiciously deep parking spaces out in front.  A good name would be “Buds ‘n’ Suds”. You’re welcome.

i wish this was a garden and gathering place


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. The owner planned to build a gallery but he passed away in the mid 2000’s. The new owner has not had it that long.

  2. Sticking to the theme of a concert garden, how about a Yellow Dog Eats?  Would add another place to grab a bite to eat to the area while also having a “concert garden.” Not to mention those sandwiches though…

  3. Orlando doesn’t tone down the volume on concerts, so the neighborhood would probably not have the added noise considering how loud Burton’s gets, but speaker-less music or bands like the one that came for the December wine walk by OTB could work during afternoons. That spot might also be perfect for movies-in-the-park. It was fun to see Night of Living Dead shown there during the first Halloween block party.

  4. stevejhgla You’re right, that was a little offensive. We’ve changed the wording, so as not to point fingers. The whole point of this series is to be inspiring and uplifting. We hope you’ll forgive us!

  5. “It’s prime real estate (OCPA Info) that the owner has
    been holding onto like a covetous old sinner (a la Scrooge in A Christmas
    Carol) and won’t likely let go of in the near future.”

    The property has been sold three times in the last 10 years, where did you get this baseless accusation from?