Tiny houses are a big trend right now.

For those of us who may be pining for a simpler life but have no idea how to use a saw or lack the funds to buy one pre-made, this may be a dream come true.

A tiny house just outside of College Park will be available for a renter in mid-February.

The 120 square foot house comes complete with bathroom, sleeping loft and a small kitchen. There is off-street parking and laundry on-site. Cats and dogs are allowed. Renters will have access to a boat dock for kayaking or paddle boarding, but smoking is not permitted.

The owner is asking for $750 per month, which includes water, sewer, electricity, wireless internet and limited cable. There is a $300 security deposit and it will be available Feb. 13th.

See the complete Craigslist listing HERE for contact information to schedule a tour. 
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Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I live in a nice section of Winter Park and there are almost 20 registered sex offenders within 2 miles of my house in zip 32789.

  2. Hi, Colby! 🙂 I just got my tiny house and moved to the park. I haven’t regretted the decision to go tiny for a New York second. You’d be more than all right- you’d be great! After meeting tiny housers, the ones that “think” they can do it, can do it!

  3. I’ll jump in here and dovetail on my neighbor Ronni’s
    comments. (Hi, Ronnie! 🙂 I live in the park in my THOW. I can say with full
    confidence that there are no sexual offenders in the park. If you do a search
    (correctly) with the park’s address: 3405 N. Orange Blossom
    Trail on the Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators registry, you will see
    that there are no SO’s residing at the park’s address. In addition, all
    residents are screened with a criminal background check. The park is a beautiful place to live, Jessica. I invite you to join us on a
    Second Saturday. The tiny housers who live here offer an open house on each
    second Saturday of the month. It would be my pleasure to show you my tiny home
    and give you a tour of our growing tiny home community. 🙂

  4. LOL My neighbor Ronni is correct. There are only 50 spaces in the park. If you search the park’s address: 3405 N. Orange Blossom Trail on the Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators registry, you will see that there are no SO’s residing in the park.

  5. It is near College Park. Less than 2 miles to the Publix on Edgewater. It’s not IN College Park though.

  6. Jessica: I am a single female and I live there. I would doubt there are even 151 residents in the whole park. There are 2 offenders there, both of whom committed their crimes in other areas, and both of whom are under supervision by the Dept. of Corrections–it’s possible they don’t even reside there anymore, because this is an RV park, and people reside there month-to-month. There are probably at least 2 sex offenders living in your neighborhood, too, if you run a search on your address. This is unfortunate and disturbing, but they don’t all live in trailer parks. I do not feel unsafe or uncomfortable, and there are families with kids living there. There are security cameras throughout the property. It is not literally on the corner of Silver Star and OBT, but close, between Lee Road and Silver Star. I’m not going to lie and say it’s upscale or anything, but the neighbors seem fairly nice and don’t bother me, it’s quiet, it’s on the lake, they are pet-friendly (no pet deposit), and the manager is a super-nice guy.

  7. I guess I cant link to the map but here’s a picture. I dont care that so many live there together, they have to live somewhere that can accommodate the parameters of their living situation but I wouldn’t want to live near that.

  8. I want a tiny house! They have a show about how they transition people into tiny houses and have then sell/donate all their stuff. I think id be alright

  9. It should also be noted that their are quite a few companies selling tiny homes with payment plans for around $300-500 a month. If you are fine with spending $750 a month for a place, you might as well be paying to rent the land and to own for the same price.

  10. As a city planner, I’m fully aware of that. If codes were relaxed for small footprint homes, it would be very beneficial.

  11. tiny houses don’t meet the minimum square footage to be attached to the ground, that’s why most of them are on trailers.

  12. I have seen this! It is located in a trailer park off of OBT and it is on the lake. It is between Lee rd/ John Young and Silver Star. Right across from a Kangaroo gas station there. It’s not too bad, but the “trailer park” is what will scare people away.

  13. $750 includes water, electricity and cable…and it attracts reliable renters. The size is god awful and the location is subjective, but somebody that doesn’t know how to research housing will go for it. For real, people will deal with anything to live close to DT…which makes it a pain for single renters to find anything affordable at a decent size.

  14. 750 per month? that’s terrible. instead of clamoring for the latest space deprivation fetish let’s work on making housing more affordable, shall we.