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Nikki Painter art courtesy of Twelve21 Gallery
This Friday Feb. 6 at 6 p.m., Twelve21 Gallery (Facebook | Website) will host an opening reception for their (Update) LAST show Deconstructing Reality featuring the work of Virginia artist Nikki Painter, who will be present for the opening.

The show is curated by Alya Poplawsky and Katy Bakker of AK Art (Website).
Artist bio, as provided by the gallery:
As a graduate student, Nikki Painter was drawn to demolition sites; fascinated by forms of deconstruction. Through her drawing studies on-site she realized that like any living being, architectural structures went through a natural life cycle. A structure is created, then it starts to deteriorate via natural causes, it is then demolished, and a new structure is created. Painter illustrates this in her work through the juxtaposition of color and pattern. Grays, blacks, and whites represent a standing architectural structure. As nature starts to encroach, color, organic shapes, and patterns start to filter into the composition representing nature. Painter’s patterning, be it checkered, diamond, hatching, or repetitive geometric shapes represents the quiet chaos in nature. Painter plays with the viewer’s perception of reality. Within her drawings she creates complex spaces by using confusing combinations of linear perspective, overlapping, and transparency. She likes to work with different materials including collage, gouache, watercolor, acrylic paint, ink, pencil, colored pencil, and pen in order to explore their effect on mood and perspective.
Parking is available along the street, in the side lot, across the street at Lake Ivanhoe and in the gated lot on Alden Road.
Twelve21 Gallery has held regular exhibitions in Ivanhoe Village and is operated by Laughing Samurai creative agency (Facebook | Website) but will be moving to an undisclosed location some time in March.
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