This week we wish the empty lot on the corner of Orange Avenue and Pine Street [Gmap] could be something a bit more people friendly … something pop-up friendly that activates the corner with a rotating series of programming.

We’d like to see it transformed into a “projection park”.


The walls could be whitewashed and used as a surface to project idyllic scenes of tropical beaches, mountain streams and Canadians cross country skiing.

The actual physical space could be added to with temporary potted trees, dumpster diving pools and maybe even some super-smooth beach sand from the East coast.

Editor’s note: We’d also like to use this as an excuse to watch Walking Dead episodes on a giant surface in a downtown environment.

projection park 3


I Wish This Was is a weekly series of badly photoshopped images that transform ignored, vacant lots and properties in Orlando into something the City Beautiful can be proud of. 

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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