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Euro Group-USA, LLC, a German development group, is looking to build a micro-housing development in downtown Orlando [Gmap].

The units will range from 260 to 447 SF and will have access to communal kitchens and laundry rooms on every floor, a sky terrace/community garden on the sixth floor, and community lounges on the first and third.

There will be 52 units to accommodate  the Group Housing category under High Intensity building codes (the same category as hostels and boarding houses), designed to sleep one occupant per room.

With only 19 parking spaces provided and enough racks for 24 bikes, Euro Group-USA is hedging their bets that Gen Y and Gen Xers, their target demographics, are not interested in car ownership. They even cite a walk score of 90 out of 100 from walkscore.com as one of their reasons for investing in the neighborhood.

In emails with the City, the developers state that they are working with Hertz and Orlando Bikeshare on some more incentives for their residents, including free memberships for tenants who are not renting a parking space.

Emails between planning officials seem excited about the project but mildly stumped on how to treat it. City code defines group housing for more than 52 occupants as a motel use, and motel uses are not typically considered a long term residential use, a code amendment is needed to address large group housing developments. According to City officials, specific design standards for micro-housing may also be needed.

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  1. Tiny living in the city, what’s the problem?  Instead of 20-30 year olds spending money on overpriced housing ($1000+ a month) to live downtown, this promotes additional disposable income on other things such as dining and entertainment.

  2. DT_Orlando_One jdcarling – “over 30 minutes”…Ha! Good one! How out of shape are you?

  3. mictim2 Might want to check with your local real-estate agent. Downtown and Thornton park district on average sell higher per square foot than Baldwin Park. However, that’s my point is everything is getting torn down and replaced. Downtown is not hurting for more apartments and three are scheduled to go up in the year (one of which is a midrise under construction in Thorton Park now across from Star Tower and another is proposed to be a new high-rise apartment to be built across from that). But FYI, why are you even mentioning “mostly white neighborhood”? This area is very diverse and to mentioning anything regarding race is irrelevant.

  4. As a native to Orlando and an individual that lived in that exact neighborhood for many years in the 90’s  (prior to all the teardowns and highrises going up). . . I find some of the responses here fascinating.  The Eola South area used to be filled with some beautiful historic, estate homes along side smaller, modest bungalows and a couple of retirement towers. . . .The area has ALWAYS been a diverse mixture of residents and income levels getting along just fine.  If it weren’t for these big developers coming in, bulldozing over and constructing mostly overpriced, sterile high rises, most of the complainers here wouldn’t even BE in the neighborhood.   Welcome to what is becoming a real city with all types of people being in close proximity to each other.   If you wish for an entirely wealthy ($300/ft), mostly white neighborhood, buy your sterile condo in Baldwin Park.

  5. I would like to share the following video about micro-apartment developments in the progressive City of Seattle.

  6. Mr_Downtown DT_Orlando_One OrlandoPete The walk score over by the Vue is a 96. Do you personally know what these will be renting for? Otherwise that’s a stretch to say they will not they will be cheap. The psf on rentals in this area is around $1.80a sq ft. Also, you make the same argument as another who deleted her post, that a motel (as defined by statute) like this will improve the traffic situation in downtown by eliminating cars. That argument has no merit because anyone that lives in downtown now is not required to have a car so this project will not by any means improve the traffic situation.

  7. DT_Orlando_One OrlandoPete  The walk score for this specific location is 90 and therefore very walkable. The units are not cheap – they will be affordable for urban dwellers who would like to enjoy the downtown of Orlando similar to the other residents in the neighborhood – on a more minimalist lifestyle basis. There will be parking (limited) available and of course all the other means of transportation, e.g. free Lymo bus service to get to Creative Village etc., Orange bike share program, on demand rental car, private car share service etc. Again – overall such projects will improve the traffic situation if more people live and work in downtown and don’t use a personal vehicle to get to their work place.

  8. benlaube  Seattle has about 2200 micro-apartment units. Most of them have community kitchens and the market has no problem to accept such a set up. Normally the residential single occupancy units have a kitchen/convenience corner consisting of a fridge/freezer combo & microwave.

  9. Jessica_G The residents that
    hate paying parking fees, can’t they get rid of their cars where they currently
    reside to eliminate paying parking fees? But as a resident who lives very close
    to where this is being proposed and will do everything to attempt to keep it
    out, I am concerned that the low price will do more harm than good. Rental units are around here are approx. $1.80 per sq ft. So roughly for a 260 sq ft unit
    you will spend near $468 a month on the small unit and around $804.60 for the
    larger unit. $804 is a lot to swallow to not even get your own kitchen and the
    $468 might attract problem residents because of the cheap rent. (Prices are just a guess based on what units within a block radius average on rental)
    But like you said, Orlando needs to clean the area. The LYMO bus has
    been bringing a lot of homeless in this area now because of the stop in Thornton Park and we never had that problem before the LYMO started their operation in this area.

  10. OrlandoPete Ya you are right. The 32801 zip code itself has a walk score of 73. This is still going to impose major concerns with a lot of people. If they are cheap, which it basically has to be to compare to other places, are you going to get professions into them or individuals that will do more harm than good. Seem more appropriate for section 8 housing or a college campus. I’m not suggesting this isn’t a good idea in general, just not in this area where within 100ft you have homes selling for over 300k a sq foot and 3/4 million dollar brownstones a block away under construction. This put closer to the city or on the other side of I4, where UCF campus will be, appears more appropriate. But talk about a gamble! I hope those that pay a premium downtown price get lucky with their fellow tenants who they will be sharing a kitchen with over 20 people with! Hope they are clean!

  11. OrlandoPete  exactly that’s perfect. live in awesome Thorton park area which people that age love with residential, the lake, culture etc… and still need no car to go to school and most likely a job for students that work.

  12. jdcarling DT_Orlando_One Actually the college campus (UCF moving into downtown) is going to be closer to Creative Village area, which is on the opposite side of I4.  So it’s close for a bike, but would be a really long walk.

  13. DT_Orlando_One  there is going to be a college campus in that neighborhood. Its being planned now. That’s is why it is so great.

  14. This is perfect, for a college campus… Not in that neighborhood. 1) You will still have majority of the occupants with a vehicle and on street parking in that neighborhood is already nearly nonexistent. 2) The building looks hideous to be around buildings where units sell for over 300 sq/ft. Also, the “walk score” is a 73, not sure where they got the 90.