The following list of murals and locations are the pieces that have been  “grandfathered” into the City’s database  and are exempted from the new Planning Official determination requirement (they’re safe from code enforcement).

Additional artistic murals not in the City’s list below must register with the Planning Official as meeting the general intent of the program and include installation date, property owner permission and artist in order to avoid being fined. New artistic murals installed after this Council action must apply for a Planning Official determination in conformance with the program.

Bungalower has added Google Map links for your reference. We hope you use them for an impromptu public art scavenger hunt.


Mills 50 District (and nearby)

Mills 50 Alligator – Rise Above Tattoo, 1009 N Mills Ave. [Gmap]
Sebastian Coolidge Mural – Lamp Shade Fair, 1336 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Andrew Spear Mural – I Fix Your I Smart Device Repair, 1200 E Colonial Drive  [Gmap]
Andrew Spear Mural – Forbidden City, 948 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Red Bull Mural – Little Saigon, 1106 E Colonial Drive  [Gmap]
Red Bull Mural – Luan Studios, 1201 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Dionysus – Will’s Pub, 1042 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Runners – Track Shack, 1104 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Breathe in the Air – Track Shack, 1104 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Mark Gmehling Mural – SNAP! Space, 1013 E Colonial Drive  [Gmap]
Permission Wall (south façade) – Pho 88 Noodle House, 730 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Permission Wall (north façade) – Trung My, 720 N Mills Ave.  [Gmap]
Permission Walls (north and south façades) – Pho Hoa, 695 N Primrose Ave.  [Gmap]
SunTrust Tower and Figure – Former Sam Flax, 1233 E Colonial Drive  [Gmap]
Mondrian-inspired – Sam Flax, 1800 E Colonial Drive  [Gmap]
Orlando Urban Trail (Bad Kitty, etc) – Between Brookhaven and Wilfred Drive  [Gmap]
ArtReach All Star/ Boy Kong Buffalo – Say It Loud! (Orange Studio), 1121 N Mills Ave  [Gmap]

Milk District (and nearby)

“Come on In” – Seven Bites Bakery, 207 N Primrose Drive  [Gmap]
Dragon – Primrose Tattoo, 47 N Primrose Drive  [Gmap]
Octopus – The Milk Barbershop, 49 N Primrose Drive  [Gmap]
Cars – Whiskey Lou’s, 121 N Bumby Avenue  [Gmap]
Van Halen – Covert Skate Shop, 2424 E Robinson St.  [Gmap]
Delacruz Wings – All State Insurance, 2424 E Robinson St.  [Gmap]
Western Scene and Agave – Gringo’s Locos, 2406 E Robinson St.  [Gmap]
Dolla Short Murals – Drunken Monkey, 444 N Bumby Ave.  [Gmap]


The Arts Move Us – Bigeye, 500 South Magnolia Ave. [Gmap]
Vines – Library Parking Garage East Façade, 112 E Central Ave. [Gmap]
Gator in Swan Boat – Harry Buffalo, 129 W Church St. [Gmap]
Communications Murals – AT&T Building, 45 N Magnolia Ave.  [Gmap]
Penguin and Balloons – 319 N Magnolia Ave. [Gmap]

Thornton Park

Bar Scene – Burton’s Bar, 801 E Washington St.  [Gmap]
Street Art – Dexter’s, 808 E Washington St.  [Gmap]

College Park  and Ivanhoe Village

Eat More Ice Cream – The Soda Fountain, 2525 Edgewater Drive  [Gmap]
Flamingos, Bike, Swan and Fountain – David’s World Cycles, 2517 Edgewater Drive  [Gmap]
Animated Pipe and Wildlife – Former Amazon Hose and Rubber, 1625 W Princeton St.  [Gmap]
Ivanhoe Village Faux Storefronts – A&T Antiques, 1620 N Orange Ave.  [Gmap]
Andrew Spear Mural – Hideaway, 516 Virginia Drive  [Gmap]
Thorsprecken Mural – Mennello Museum, 900 Princeton St.  [Gmap]

Downtown South 

Patriotic Scene – Colonial Medical Supply, 915 S Orange Ave. [Gmap]
Western Scene – Johnny’s Fillin’ Station, 2631 S Ferncreek Ave.  [Gmap]
Child’s Scene – Elite Learning Academy, 2606 S Ferncreek Ave.  [Gmap]
Traditional City Nuclear Hands – Former McNamara Pontiac, 1100 W Colonial Drive  [Gmap]
Diamond Demons – Former McNamara Pontiac, 1100 W Colonial Drive  [Gmap]


Here’s a gallery of some of our favorite murals from around town. Are we missing any?

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