Nerd Nite (Facebook | Website)  is celebrating its two year anniversary with a day full of the speakers, entertainment, and pie.

The Nerd Nite celebration is happening on Pi Day, celebrated annually on March 14. This year’s date is special since it can be interpreted as Pi calculated to its ten-thousandths place: 3.1415

The event, sponsored in part by Canvs (Facebook | Website), will be held in the Church Street Exchange building at 101 S. Garland Ave. [Gmap].

Nerd Nite, which actually begins at 3pm, will feature six returning speakers:

  • Chris Castro
  • Amy & Nathan Selikoff
  • Bobby Wesley
  • Max Jackson
  • Nick Paul
  • Beth Philips

In addition to the Nerd Nite talks, programming for the event also includes trivia, console games, dry T-shirt contest, Drunk Science/Nerd Off, a silent auction, and a pie baking contest (sponsored by Bungalower).

Church Street’s Downtown Brew, featuring unlimited samples of over 40 craft beers, is happening the same day. Nerd Nite participants will receive $10 off the cost of admission to the Downtown Brew.

Details for the Bungalower Pie Baking Contest:

Contestants should bring home-made pie to be judged by a panel made up of representatives from Bungalower and Canvs. Participants can submit more than one pie to be judged.

Criteria for judging: Presentation(30%),  creativity (30%), and of course taste (40%).

The winner, or winners, of the contest will receive 3-month Bungalower Bundle packages.



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