It recently came to the attention of Bungalower staff via a little bird on Twitter (shout out to Adrianna Sekula), that the popular Thornton Park [Gmap] Mexican eatery will be closing its doors on Sunday, March 22.

The Tijuana Flats head office says that the lease had come up for renewal and they had decided against keeping their Summerlin Avenue location open and to “redirect their focus towards other opportunities. The first Tijuana Flats opened up in Winter Park, Florida in 1995 and the chain continues to expand across the state.

All staff at the Thornton Park location have been retained and transferred to other restaurants nearby. The restaurant will continue to operate as per usual until their closing date.

Tijuana Flats has multiple locations in Orlando [Map].

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I heard parking is a significant barrier following a change in management at the garage. :-(. I miss the tflats already (and the crepe place too)!

  2. The place is packed allot of times in the evening. Especially Tuesday nights. The landlord is and has been a greedy duschbag. Just look at all the businesses that have come and gone, including HUE.

  3. I would say parking and convenience have a lot to do with it. The tijuana on Orange ave is always packed

  4. True but if Thornton park is going to thrive there needs to be less chains – maybe another grafitti junction can open there . They already have 2 downtown

  5. Makes you wonder how much the landlord is raising the rent for a chain restaurant not to want to stay.

  6. No ones driving downtown – parking and going to Tijuana flats. Is say rent is too high and not enough business

  7. askbill, I do not have anything against TijFlats. I just don’t want to eat there more than once a fortnight.

  8. Very sad. As soon as Michael Crandell leaves our office at Olde Town Brokers across the street, they can’t afford to stay open? Hmmmm…perhaps they’re following you to Windemere Michael?

  9. Whaaaaaat! It’s pretty sad that there are three vacant storefronts in Thornton Park all right next to each other.

  10. Sorry to hear this. The food and service were always great. I had dinner there last week, and admittedly, it was nearly empty.

  11. Noooooo. This cannot happen!!!! We need that bathroom and cheap sangria for Pride. Let’s boycott!!!

  12. That building must charge way too much rent. I think only the Starbucks storefront is the only one that hasn’t been multiple businesses already. I miss the crepe place that was next door.

  13. Inevitable. Parking is a huge turn off for that building. Hope the employees were relocated though.

  14. I believe it’s moving just down the street people, not to mention there is how many more in Orlando? And they are constantly opening new locations

  15. Not good! I love this location U0001f612 Hope all the employees were able to be placed in other locations.

  16. I’m moving to the neighborhood in just 19 days and was looking forward to enjoying the menu…. Sorry to hear this.

  17. It is usually packed at lunch, but not in the evenings or weekends, which is why we like it. oh well, there are many more locations in town.