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An applicant has requesting PD rezoning to allow for a 23 unit rear-loaded town home development at an empty lot next to SoDo [Gmap] in Downtown South.

According to their application to the City, they held a “Citizen Participation Workshop” at OLV Café SoDo on March 9, 2015 at 7 p.m.

The developer is planning to mimic the streetscape across the street at the SoDo development. Their application states that they are proposing, “ten on-street parking spaces as well as a 10.5 ft. sidewalk easement along Grant St. The sidewalk/utility easement will consist of a planting strip and 5 ft. sidewalk.”


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  1. It is ALREADY a lot of cement.  And PLEASE read @Jeffery McClain comment above.  So do you suggest that they just build two houses there instead?  Is that your argument?  Is it the environment, or your desire to see quaint homes that you care about?

  2. Donna,
    When people live in high-density developments instead of single-family homes, they use LESS resources like potable water and electricity.
    Instead of many yards to water, there’s just the community’s landscaping- usually minimized to allow more space for the buildings and a new “sustainable” landscaping style is catching on locally. Since the community pays for the water use, it is almost always used sparingly. Our State’s drinking water is quickly running out…not sustainable if our population grows as projected and everyone insists on having “their own house” with their own yard, pool, etc.
    While some more old dilapidated “quaint” homes in our urban core are inevitably going to be bulldozed as we move forward (not a new phenomenon BTW), there will always be those historic districts that have plenty of old homes for you to wax nostalgic about…and their prices will skyrocket soon enough due to demand. High density development is a win/win for our community.

  3. How is a cluster of town homes that covers entire lot with cement great for environment? They can probably live in the zillions of apartments being built at the moment. When they run out of quaint homes in Thornton park to bulldoze, we are probably next 🙁

  4. I love the area. These will sell as many of us wish the SoDo project were condos instead of rentals.

  5. Wow…what an original idea!! They should price then way above every property in the area too. You know, so old good nice people can afford to live there.