The Mayor’s office just released a statement concerning the future of Constitution Green on the Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Facebook page and on the Mayor’s official blog (Website).

There will be a rally at the park this Saturday (Facebook).

You can read the Mayor’s statement concerning the preservation of the almost 200-year old tree below:

Historic Tree at Constitution Green Should be Saved

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the potential removal of the historic live oak tree on Constitution Green. And that conversation is happening for good reason; it’s a beautiful tree on a fantastic green space in the heart of Downtown Orlando.

For a City that is known as the City Beautiful, we should do everything we can to preserve this historic tree.

The Constitution Green property is privately owned and we have been fortunate that the owner has leased this space to the City since 1987 for our community to use as green space in our downtown.

Recently, I’ve been made aware that the property owners would like to develop this property. While they have rights to build on their private property, they should not be allowed to remove a historic tree.

As Mayor, I will make sure we do everything within our legal authority as a City to protect the historic tree at Constitution Green.

The City has long been committed to preventing the environmental and aesthetic harm inflicted on our community by the destruction of trees, and particularly historic trees.

It is for that reason that our City adopted a tree protection ordinance. Our City Code provides that a healthy tree with a trunk caliper larger than 30” in diameter can qualify as a historic tree.

While I’m not an arborist, anyone who’s familiar with this tree can tell you that it appears to easily meet the size requirement. In fact, we have listed the live oak on our significant tree map.

Orlando’s neighborhoods are known for having clean tree-lined streets, plentiful lakes, strong neighborhood connections and well-landscaped parks. It’s important for us as a City to keep as much of our green space and tree canopy as possible.

Project DTO recently identified the need for more green space and trees in downtown Orlando.

In 2013 our Green Works task force recommended we should almost double our City’s tree coverage. This increase needs to come from new trees being planted, but it’s also important that we protect our historic trees.

I invite you to be part of our solution by planting a tree that will help us to increase our tree canopy.

Think about this, if the 4,000 people who signed the petition to protect this tree planted a tree on their property today, in 10 years we would add 2.8 million square feet of tree canopy coverage. That’s the equivalent of adding a 60 acre forest in the City of Orlando.

Our City offers free trees to be planted on your property along the City street to help make our neighborhoods an even better place to live. Click here to request one today.

I’m am optimistic that together we can not only save this historic tree but that we can continue to increase the amount of trees we have in our City and live up to our reputation at “The City Beautiful”.

– Buddy Dyer, Mayor

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  2. Important to keep on the Mayor and Council while also requiring the Family to receive a fair price for property that is barely developable. Then subtract the taxes that have been paid by the City on the property for over 25 years. Overall the park must be saved. That’s part of making the City Beautiful, Beautiful

  3. Exactly … after a bunch of nonsense words about trying to save at least the facade.

  4. This is not a nice message or well done. The city has had plenty of opportunities to buy the land and preserve it but now they want to make the family the “bad guys” here. What a joke!

  5. I think it is a great piece and I love that the free tree program is being promoted. My small counter point would be, how many of the 4,000 signees have a yard that they own in the city to make that happen?

  6. Words. Let’s see some action. Can we remember the middle of the night demolition to make way for the plaza building?

  7. Nice message Mayor. What is the possibility that the city purchase this property so it can remain a park with historic trees forever??

  8. Great tie in with the cities tree project – I hope people take the Mayor up on it

  9. I noticed the message from the mayor mentions a link to click to get free trees for your front yard. Do you have that link?