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You may have noticed last week that all of the social medias were full of pretty yellow-flowered trees. Usually the photos featured a stand-alone tree, glowing in all it’s awesome yellowness, heralding spring in Central Florida.

We wish there was a way we could see hundreds, if not thousands of them in one place, at the same time every year, like the cherry blossoms in Japan.

The tabebuia tree is one of the approved tree types that the City gives out each year at Arbor Day. They’re fairly drought tolerant, prefer full sun and again … that flower. The City also has a program for homeowners where residents can have a tree planted free-of-charge, and the tab is one of them.

What if we could plant a whole string of them along a roadway like Bumby Avenue (below) or even the I-4?



What if we could plant an entire park with tabebuia trees to create some sort of tab-ulous public space that photographers could be drawn to en masse each year? Think of the wedding photos, pop-up dinners and outdoor concerts that could happen there. Here’s what it could look like at Lake Highland [Gmap].


We at Bungalower are firm believers that in this case, a little tab’ll not do ya, we want more.

Tab-trivia: Tabs are a great source of food for bees and hummingbirds and their common name is “roble” not “trumpet tree” which often gets them confused with the trippy-tea trumpet tree that nobody is allowed to plant any more.


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  1. I just wished they could flower all year round. I don’t like how they look during their seed pod phase.

  2. I love those trees! I was wondering what they were, I don’t really remember seeing them before this year, hm…

  3. Cameron the tree in the top right of your grid is the one we photographed for this story! Great minds.