We happened to pass this little accident on Corrine Drive right in front of Leu Gardens in Audubon Park today at lunch.

It looked like the people involved were okay and uninjured.


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  1. Pardon my pun, but this should be the turning point for slowing down Corrine as fast as we can. I know several people that ride their bikes there, including myself, this is absurd. Anybody could be dead right now if they were on this truck’s path. It’s past the time of urban planning start working for humanizing suburban sprawl. Corrine Calming Coalition have you seen this?

  2. Just take out one of the lanes in each direction, move the parked cars inward, and stick bike lanes between the parking and sidewalk. That’ll keep traffic slow, make the street safer to cross, protect the people on bikes from moving traffic and from being hit by opening car doors, and make the sidewalks safer.

  3. That section of road is incredibly dangerous and something needs to be done to fix it. I personally have known three people who have been in accidents there, one fatal. How many lives need to be ruined before the city makes changes? Maybe a speed bump on either side or large signage about the danger.

  4. Do you mean Virginia or Mills? The urban bike path that parallels Mills is pretty wonderful, I have to say. And makes it possible to get downtown safely. Now if we could only get THROUGH downtown safely.

  5. As a previous 12 year resident of neighboring Colonialtown, I often sought bike lanes and traffic calming devises along both Corrine and Virginia. Virginia is basically a 6 lane wide desert of asphalt. The two areas need immediate attention. Why didn’t the city insist on these developers like Mills Park to assist in projects like these due to their impact on traffic??

  6. Corrine would be an excellent place for Orlando’s first protected bike lane. Run bike lanes alongside the sidewalk and protect it from traffic with street parking. Add some bulb-outs for pedestrian crosswalks and we’d have a much safer complete street.

  7. Seiji, I understand that. I am a walker too. But riding on the road on Corrine is asking for trouble. If I see pedestrians (and there are few along there because it’s so dangerous), I would obviously stop or stay out of their way.

  8. Please do not ride on the sidewalk. That is for people walking, not riding. If everybody rode on the road, motorists would be accustomed to sharing the road and cyclists wouldn’t feel the need to be on the sidewalk.

  9. There are no bike lanes on Corrine. I ride it to work downtown often, and it’s not fun. The sidewalks are indeed pathetic where they exist.

  10. Corrine is a terribly road for pedestrians (there are sections with no sidewalks or so much growing over the sidewalks that you can’t use them) and for bicyclists. People park in and open their car doors into bike lanes. When I’m riding there I ride on the sidewalk. I wonder why the city doesn’t do anything about it.

  11. I love APGD and it’s my home, but I really hate Corrine. So many people drive with disrespect through our neighborhood. We need Corrine Calming Coalition now!

  12. With “stroads” like Corrine throughout our city, it’s no wonder Orlando ranks deadliest in the nation for pedestrians and people on bicycles. Are we ever going to make safer streets a priority here?