Isla Verde in the Plaza is now open for business.

We wrote about the new Puerto Rican restaurant going into the former Horsepower space back in early February, HERE.

We got to try their menu out yesterday, and we’ll be back.

Bungalower Bundle subscribers will be able to use their $10 gift certificate from their April Bundle.

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  1. PaulKoch You must be new here! Welcome!

    Posts like this highlighting new businesses–especially restaurants–has long been a feature of the blog.

  2. It seems really bad that the only comment you can provide is that “you’ll be back” and that if you buy the membership you get a discount,

    1. Bungalower doesn’t do reviews PaulKoch, we’re just here to point out the new restaurants.

  3. I will agree with Brandon. Mofongo IS A MAIN DISH! I’ve been waiting to find a place that sells it the right way just like in the island, with the soup and the meat or stuffed with shrimp. Other wise looks like every other Spanish restaurant to me.
    The menu should have been bilingual too. Not impressed and I haven’t even step foot in it.