It has come to our attention that OLV Cafe in SODO in South Downtown [Gmap] is going to be reopening (for the second time) on April 8. We think it must be an Easter miracle!

We reported on the sudden closure just a few days ago. At that time, not much was known except that the phone had been disconnected and the lights had been turned off for about two weeks.

According to OLV Cafe they had “issues with sales taxes” that carried over from the previous management and they had to close to restructure everything and pay off the debt.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. There is plenty of “foot traffic” there. The level above the retail stores on the south side are all offices and full of people looking for lunch M-F. Getting people to come to dinner may take a little effort but unless a place is horrible the lunch crowd is built-in.

  2. So, yeah.. Foot traffic isn’t bad.. but when you have to duck for umbrellas, and weave in and out of patrons eating, it gives terrible “energy” for outsiders looking in. I’d suggest owners look into feng shui… Lol.   Another thing that everyone is mentioning… They HAVE to change concepts.  There’s no way they will survive as “OLV”.   I’ve never been there once, and seeing it look like a deserted skating rink for the past several months, I’d never step foot in it.   I used to walk by on Saturday nights and hear live music, and see people enjoying themselves, so it definitely had good vibes at one point… but from a branding standpoint, they’ve tarnished this one to the furthest extent.

  3. They’ll never survive unless they change locations. The place they are in now has HORRIBLE foot traffic.

  4. Hahah.. It’s pretty bad. I never go anymore because I’m not sure if they are going to be open or closed

  5. Melanie Santare-Vallillo! They’re closed, they’re open, they’re closed, they’re ….