Schuller Contractors Inc. could be awarded a $3.1 M contract for the construction of some new sidewalks this week, paid for by Federal funding.

This is the second phase of a project to fill in the gaps in Orlando’s pedestrian infrastructure.

According to the City, construction of this phase should begin by “the end of spring” and most construction will be limited to the College Park, Lake Como and Colonialtown neighborhoods. Construction will continue until late 2016.

Orlando Sentinel wrote about the story HERE and interviewed a number of community stakeholders, including Commissioner Patty Sheehan, who has been pushing for more sidewalks since 2001.

At the time of this posting, the sidewalk locations were still being cemented, we will post the final locations when they are made public.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. I’m glad they’re doing it, but 22 miles is a drop in the bucket, compared to needs.

  2. During our addition/remodel-we had to put money into a sidewalk fund as well-in leu of putting an actual sidewalk that led to no where. It really felt ridiculous!

  3. Myles Thoroughgood I had to pay the city $1000 NOT to put a sidewalk in front of my house during my remodel. There is not a sidewalk on my side of the street and mine would have been the only one with a sidewalk, yet I had to pay not to put it in.

  4. So, the campaign was a resounding success!
    Also, what about the bike lanes that suddenly disappear? Like the one going north on goldenrod? Way more dangerous.

  5. Lol the most frustrating thing for urban dwellers who walk everywhere. The city in the past would put the onus on homeowners who were making property improvements to install sidewalks in order to get their cert of occupancy.

  6. I’ve never lived somewhere where the sidewalks just end! I always thought it was so peculiar! I’m glad they’re fixing the issue! Now if we could get some protected bike lanes!