Sea turtles mistake plastic bags for food and eat them.


Senate Bill 966, which seeks to ban disposable plastic bags, has been added to the April 8 agenda by Chairman Senator Dean to the Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation.

The Bill asks that certain municipalities (with populations under 100,000) establish pilot programs to regulate or ban the use of disposable plastic bags. The participating municipalities would collect and provide data to the Department of Environmental Protection.

To read up on Bill 966, click HERE.

Cities are currently prohibited from regulating the use of plastic bags.

To sign a petition supporting the ban, click HERE.

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  1. Never understood the reasoning behind switching to plastic bags to begin with! Plastic is bad for everyone except the manufacturers. Recycling plastic bags should be mandatory…but banning them altogether works too but it won’t happen in Rick Scott’s Floriduh

  2. Or that occasionally forget their reusables.  I get 2 paper bags a month to use as trash bags, but I don’t have any food waste since I compost it.

  3. Paper Bags are the better of the two evils. They will at least decay and decompose in a reasonable time, you never see them in the ocean ports since they would decay in that environment so quickly. Of course reusable bags are the best but even those most prudent forget sometimes.

  4. I don’t use paper bags. I was simply offering a stepping stone to people who are scared of reusables.

  5. Let’s hope Rick Scott will allow this. With him in office. We should just just suffocate ourselves with the plastic bags!!!!!

  6. Besides unnecessary control by the government on people’s everyday lives, paper bags are worse for the environment. They take more resources and energy to produce. I suggest you read up on the topic.

  7. Littering is not the only problem. Why do we keep producing these unnecessary and cheap disposable bags that are destined for the landfill? What is so hard about using reusable (or even recycled paper) bags?

  8. Plastic bags are the evil of western civilization! They even kill my beloved Gooney Birds on Midway Island–one of the most isolated places on the planet.

  9. It shouldn’t have to take a law. It’s a personal choice. I use recyclable bags all the time, no plastic needed.
    If people stop using them the stores will stop offering.

  10. What if you can remove just one source of litter? What’s that going to do to help our beaches? Without trying to correct the litterers? Examples need to be made.
    I don’t believe in passing the buck to someone else. You deal with the people causing the problem.

  11. But what if you could cut the source of the litter? why make something that’s just going to be thrown out after being used only once? What are the businesses paying for? If anything they’ll save money by not having to buy bags to give out with every purchase.

  12. Let’s start enforcing existing littering laws instead of making businesses pay for the littering of others!
    What’s this world coming to?

  13. Yes!!!! Stop being negative people! It feeds into the collective unconscious!! This is easy!! We can be Flori-do or at least Flori-done it for the grammatically challenged! 😉

  14. I just moved here from a town that had a plastic bag ban…believe me it can be done! Just leave reusable bags in the car all the time–is an adjustment but so worth it for the environment.

  15. come on people this is floridah this will never pass we could careless about the sea turtles

  16. This is awesome but the pessimistic side of me thinks that some tea party turds will screw this up claiming it takes away our freedom to use plastic bags…..

  17. I can’t even handle how progressive this is. Are you sure this is the Florida senate?