The Canadian coffee chain Coffee Culture (Facebook | Website) is well on their way to opening their new location in Nora [Gmap] in the North Quarter.

According to the Nora Facebook page, the new coffee spot will be adjacent to their “active club level” which will have a 12 foot video wall, pool tables and have access to a pool. Don’t get excited, those perks will be for residents only.

At first look, it could potentially be the largest coffee spot in town.

We first wrote about their opening back in November but we are still waiting to hear about an actual opening date.


Brendan O'Connor

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  1. lol, we promise we didn’t make it up. We’ll try to write Uptown/North Quarter in the future.

  2. Def don’t thnk they are reaching critical mass. Lots of apt dwellers in that area don’t have something like that in *easy walking distance and prolly will enjoy having this amenity

  3. It is very hard to make a living selling coffee. in these small type places. But can be done with love and passion

  4. It does seem to be a trend, but the owners seem to wise enough to make sure there isn’t nearby…so far.