The City of Orlando is working with the Downtown South Main Street and FDOT to move and replant palm trees that presently stand in the way of the expanding I-4 Ultimate project.

The DDB and Families, Parks and REcreation Division will also be making use of the rescued date palms to decorate city streets and parks, and some private property along South Orange Avenue.

This initiative is part of the City’s effort to increase mature tree coverage and beautify streetscapes throughout Orlando.

To see the City’s original statement, click HERE.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Highly disturbed watching all the tree killing going on in the past few weeks. Today right in front of my house! We live on a dead end near Fairabanks and what’s more disturbing is wondering where all the wildlife will be going that lived in these small patches of woods? No one seems to be saying much about that. And they want to start all this tree felling when all the birds and squirrels are nesting!!! Sickened by it all! I understand infrastructures need to be updated to keep up with growth but it’s very sad to see the huge piles of trees that were just standing, healthy and housed many creatures turned into a ginormous pile of mulch. 🙁

  2. If they’re really serious with the campaign, perhaps they could state how many trees they’ve “rescued” to date 😉

  3. Christina Crowley so many of Us over here are outraged. It’s a sad sight indeed.

  4. It’s past the churches over there, on the right of you are headed toward kennedy and eatonville. it’s right by my house.

  5. we kind of blew on the horn at the news reporters we were so mad. we saw it going to church sunday.

  6. Right about the shady oaks retirement center, it’s right after the I4 exit to on ramp if you are headed north toward Oranole.

  7. Why do people have to be such A-holes and not give anyone the benefit of the doubt? I’d hate to live such a miserable life

  8. Nice effort but this is just PR move. They already let hundreds of oaks and large canopy trees that scrub carbon from the air get bulldozed back in 2006/2008 when FDOT was clearing for I-4. Palms are nice but they aren’t in the category for shade or carbon scrubbing. Save all the trees you can! Oh wait… How about focusing on mass transit w less need for cars instead of billions invested in focus on cars are future transit. It all just looks and is planned backwards. Politics & Money, that’s what! Thanks Bungalower for keeping us in the know!

  9. They didn’t just take down palm trees. We have enough palm trees! I would love for them to plant more oaks!

  10. Too bad the FDOT has taken down the entire forest on Wymore across from WESH, to make way for a retention pond:(….. It’s supposedly part of the I4 expansion….

  11. Thank you! My 5 year old cried for the trees taken down , try like four of five acres of land on Wymore this weekend for I 4. If she thinks it’s wrong….:(