Here’s our rundown of the top ten things you need to know this week in Downtown Orlando area news.
  1. Plastic Bag Bill gets passed by first Senate committee and is one step closer to banning plastic bags.
  2. Update on the mysterious Maddey’s Craft & Cru restaurant opening.
  3. Bumby makeover means 20 months of construction on one mile of road.
  4. Ask Bungalower: We look at how much rent Gargi’s Lakeside Italian Restorante pays to be located in the fabulous Gaston Edwards Park on Lake Ivanhoe.
  5. Smart parking meters will change how we park downtown.
  6. The City is putting in 22 miles of sidewalks.
  7. Rollins launches a livecam so you can watch a rare corpse plant bloom (Orlando Weekly).
  8. Orlando tourist numbers break records in 2014 (Orlando Sentinel).
  9. It’s Bufo toad season in Florida, hide your pets (Orlando Weekly).
  10. Sentinel releases great video that meditates on value of Constitution Green (Orlando Sentinel).
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