A faithful Bungalower reader sent in the above photo that reveals that the hopeful Virginia Drive brewery has hit another snag in their construction process.

We reached out to Ten 10 in the hopes of hearing what the hangup was but have yet to hear back from them.

As seen in the Stop Work Order pictured, all work must cease until City permitting has issued them another work permit and “damage to structural concrete beams is permitted for repair.”

Let’s hope it isn’t as serious as it sounds.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Chris, we hear you, but that is a public document. It’s available online and is literally taped to the front window of the venue.

  2. I just hope they can make it (financially) until opening day. Paying rent while renovating for almost a year was probably not in the original plans. Meanwhile, a new Olive Garden or Burger King flies through permitting and gets built/opens in like 2 months.

  3. Thanks Kevin I looked it up. Looks like they made changes to the plans without re-submitting them and the inspectors for both electrical and mechanical shut them down. Hard to tell if the inspectors are just being awful or the contractors screwed up by trying to sneak something obvious by.

  4. Selling merch is one way they can possibly make money. They originally thought they’d be open in October of last year, but due to city and state permitting and alcohol/tobacco hoop-jumping, they are still waiting.
    This isn’t a big corporate entity with a ton of financial backing. It is a local guy trying to open a very small brewery. At this point, he needs all the help he can get for money.

  5. It is fine for you to report the status/update, but not that cool for you to post the actual document- with names, addresses etc. disappointing Bungalower!

  6. How is anyone blaming the city on this? They make it very clear to everyone you need a permit for construction and really any decent contractor knows this. Permitting can be hell but the rules exist for good reason. This is such a basic part of opening a brick and mortar place it baffles me that an owner and especially contractor miss this.

  7. looks like they tried to do something they didn’t have a permit for or it wasn’t outlined in their plans/permit. or something came up and they need to get it approved before they move forward – like damage to concrete beams? while I wish we didn’t have to go through the City for so much, could you imagine how buildings would be built if no one was watching?

  8. Ugh. So sick of the city hindering small businesses that we actually want here while jumping over backwards to give chains everything they want.

  9. Ya, that’s my point. Stop worrying about merch when they can’t seem to even finish construction.

  10. This city does just about everything it can to ensure small businesses can’t get their feet on the ground.

  11. But they are already selling merchandise. Looks like they need to readjust their priorities.