Photo courtesy of Eat More Produce
Photo courtesy of Eat More Produce

Eat More Produce is leaving Winter Park.

According to the Orlando Sentinel , the store closed on Sunday 17 after “fighting with code enforcement in Winter Park.”

The organically transplanted Canadian owner, Troy Gage, is moving his fresh produce grocer concept to an even larger space in Orlando Fashion Square Mall. While the space is being built out, Eat More Produce (Facebook ) will be operating via several kiosks in the mall and focusing more on wine sales.

A side effect of Eat More Produce leaving it’s Winter Park home is that the adjacent tiny house-based vendor, Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop (Facebook) will also need to leave. Their lease was tied up through Eat More Produce, so once they decided to move, the little ice cream business was forced to do the same, and closed their doors on April 19.

Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop’s owners will be relocating to St. Pete Beach and selling their business.

Photo courtesy of Lu Lu's Ice Cream Shop
Photo courtesy of Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop

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  1. I know, Ashley! Boooo. You an Lulu’s had just met and the relationship was beautiful 🙁 Their Ice Cream was the best but what put it over the top was the sweetness of the owners. Super good people!

  2. I liked this place…when they focused on veggies. Then all of a sudden, It was anything and everything and the place looked terrible (from the outside). Should have stopped trying to be everything. A paint job and cleaning of that random storage area to the right of the store could have helped. Sad to see them leave, but not surprised. Now it’s an eye sore along a stretch of 17-92 that’s been looking up lately! Heard Lu Lu’s was good…but so was the BBQ place that lasted all of a month!

  3. I am pretty tired of the generic monstrosity of mediocity (aka Fashion Square Mall) taking all that is good and local about Orlando. If your festival, parade, or business has relocated to that mall I will no longer be a part of it.

  4. Yeah all the homeless working out, getting free tans and pizza at planet homless can also snap up free fruits and veggies as they roll down through the atrium of the mall. I will miss EMP!!!!

  5. The owner of EMP has tried to get his story/version out there to be heard! He received several complaints for various things like signage, a noise complaint, and so on (you can goggle public records for some of it). He was targeted and relentlessly hassled by the City of Winter Park. I just think they (the owners of EMP) just couldn’t take it anymore and it’s understandable. Just my opinion and what I witnessed in the 2 years I was on the site.

  6. Thanks Brendan for running the story! As a neighbor, I’m sad that we’re losing both of those places. On top of that, Lombardi’s is moving (not far, Fairbanks & Clay, but still), so there go half of the businesses that were within walking distance.

  7. I sold the shop but not the name/business. The new owner hasn’t established her location and business yet. She mentioned storing it until she could launch her own shop with it.

  8. We’re still looking into that Crystal, but we’ll definitely write about it once we find out!

  9. That’s so sad :(. A produce store in the fashion square mall seems so odd to me. I wish they could have stayed in the same area.

  10. We wish we could have stayed! Thank you to everyone for supporting our lil shop, we absolutely loved serving you!