The historic Mt. Vernon Inn in Winter Park will be demolished in the next 30 days.

City Commissioners have approved a 68,600 SF development called Lakeside Crossing to replace the former home of Red Fox Lounge [Gmap] on the corner of Morse and 17-92.

The new development will house three new restaurants and ten retail spaces.

The developers, Unicorp National Developments, are planning to put in a 300 + space parking garage to help alleviate the parking issues across the street where popular stops like Trader Joe’s draw large crowds of daily shoppers.

Unicorp had originally planned to put in a luxury apartment complex called the Luxe, but plans for the project were not embraced by the City or by residents, leading them to scrap their original concept.

Concept art for the Luxe
Concept art for the Luxe
Lakeside Crossing concept


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Too bad the original concept didn’t work out, but it will in that area somewhere.  Should have done flats straight above retail like old main street America pre WWII. Stil it is positive. since it is retail for residences close by not a stand alone old motor motel whose days are long gone.

  2. Wow – it seems that on every article regarding development that the Bungalower posts, ALL of the responses are negative!

  3. The Bungalower??? Are the developers trying to appeal and market to people that they imagine live in bungalows in WP? If si why are they building an unappealing, out of character, crap strip mall? Am I missing something? More congestion at this intersection…yippee.

  4. If we want less chains then don’t frequent them. There are so many great local places that haven’t dumped an entire motel into a landfill I don’t see why anyone would need to do anything in this strip mall with peel and stick architecture.

  5. Ppl were really sad to see Red Fox go. Wonder if any of the chains going in this strip will bring out the same outpour of emotion when they come and go?

  6. you know, they could have incorporated the original Mt Vernon part of the property into this revised plan and it would look awesome!

  7. Unbelievable!
    They went from “place” to “replace”…. this new concept needs to be “replaced” the day it is built…it is an anywhere USA strip mall- how sad- this will be the “gateway” to winter park along Morse Blvd. for years to come

  8. The developers are at blame for over charging the rent so hi and not being open to entertain offers from smaller local business owners. If your not a chain they don’t even want u in there complex cause they’ve moved that neighborhood from 12 to 20 and now 30$ a square foot per year. And why. Just cause they built a strip mall??

  9. Hopefully they’ll remember to add some parking unlike the development across the street.

  10. It’s hard to replace a legand with something worthy of replacing it. Let’s pray they replace the legendary Red Fox Lounge with something worthwhile

  11. Could you update us on Nova too? Off orange? Haven’t seen any construction lately and wondering if they have run into problems