ParkMe, the largest parking database in the world (Website), has now launched their real-time parking app in Orlando.

Drivers can now find, navigate and pay for available parking spaces with their smartphones.

We wrote about the sensors in a previous post, and how they can sense when a car has left the spot and then reset back to zero. You can read about that HERE.

Those same sensors have been integrated into the ParkMe system via their app, and now alert users to available parking spaces, and allows them to pay for and reserve their spot and then guides them to that space.

ParkMe is already being used in 81,000 locations in over 57 countries, and counting.

Editor’s Note: The Bungalower staff signed up this afternoon and we’ve already managed to find cheaper parking. 



Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I tried it and if you expect it to guide you to an empty space you will be dissappointed.  It only gives you a color code to indicate the percentage of spaces available.  It is also difficult to zoom into your location so if you aren’t really familiar with a map of downtown you will find it very hard to get a sense of direction.

    I work downtown and have found it to be extremely accurate about availability.

    When you decide to pay, it bumps you out of the app and you are forced to enter your email and password every time which totally sucks.

    I would use it before I headed downtown to get an idea of what area I should consider parking.

  2. How does the reservation system work? If you’re not using the app could pull up to an empty spot, park, get out to pay and then find out it’s been “reserved” by someone?

  3. re: Editor’s Note – did you find cheaper parking because of, or in spite of, the app?

  4. Upon first look, this is an incredible app that includes detailed info about the garages as well. This was much needed.