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The University Club of Orlando (Website), a private clubhouse directly across from the Downtown Library [Gmap], could soon be replaced by a residential tower and parking garage.

The University Club offers its membership of 300-invitation-only members, a variety of downtown amenities like squash courts, private bar, gyms and meeting rooms.
The developers of the corner lot have submitted the following unofficial drafts of their project for the  MPB and ARB pre-application meetings. Official plans have yet to be submitted.
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  1. I was hoping that would make a comeback. But at least what’s going there now is better than what is currently there, and infinitely better than some lifeless parking lot.

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  3. Ah, that’s a bit disappointing. Still, at least they’ll know that we dirty common people surround them, even from above.

  4. Exactly. Also just scroll back a few pages and you’ll see plenty of road improvement being done. Bumby, I4, etc. Also, I’m sure there’s impact fees that will be paid to make sure the infrastructure around is up to par.

  5. Which is why retail space on that corner would be very successful and would certainly be better than a parking lot.

  6. From what I understand, the University Club will be located in the new building. Sort of like the Citrus club in BB&T.

  7. Something about the Lime color on top really does it for me. I hope they keep that part of the concept.

  8. Agree Ron Jaffe, it was very close, they had built a sales center but prices were high, the economy imploded and as I understand it so did the developer….sad

  9. Just what we need. More condos. While there are no improvements to the roads or anything else.

  10. I like the other plans better, but anything to get rid of that elitist craphole in the middle of downtown.

  11. Pine street and Central Ave are busy enough as it is on the weekends. I can’t see a need for another condo in that spot.

  12. Kind of a downer from the original “tradition towers” that was planned in 2008. Before the recession there were twin towers planned for this site with the university club housed in a bridge joining the two towers – cool design – big vision…this one is meh at best.