Julianna’s Restaurant (Website) in College Park has closed.

Jim Lakey, owner of Gallery on the Edge (Facebook), has signed a lease that includes Annabelle Hart and Julianna’s, to open his new restaurant concept, Caliente.

According to the College Park Community Paper, Caliente will be part of a hybrid furnishings and gift store called The Shoppes of College Park, with a focus on Cuban food.

Lakey hopes to open Caliente and The Shoppes by early July of this year.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. Bravo! About time! Pls…Pls no more Italian restaurants!
    What is going in the old Hangar location? Thank You!☺

  2. Glad to hear something new going in Julianna’s. Where is Annabel Hart going?

  3. My husband and I received a $100 gift card to Julian’s as a wedding present; I really hope the Owner lets us use the gift At Cj’s Italian Kitchen or the new restaurant. I am pending a return call back this time.

  4. Julianna’s was good… but the neighborhood isn’t going to suffer too much with one less Italian place.