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The Belle Isle go-to pub is moving North.

Gnarly Barley (Facebook | Website) has filed for an exemption with the Board of Zoning Adjustment to allow for the serving of alcohol at 531 Virginia Ave. [Gmap].

The vacant 3,000 SF two story warehouse was previously going to be the home of Broken Strings Brewery, but they decided against the location and moved to Parramore instead.

Gnarly Barley is looking to transform the bottom level of the building into a wine and beer bar while retaining an existing second-story apartment.

The building is +/- 365 feet from Lake Highland Prep property and as such, requires a variance. According to the application, which includes a letter from the school, nobody from Lake Highland will be contesting the construction of the new bar.

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  1. It’s just a standing rule for the entire City. LHPS already gave them their blessing. But as Gordon says below they also need to get around a big parking hurdle – they only have 9 spaces and the minimum requirement for that building would be 12.

  2. Ah. That seems really unnecessary. Are new bars going to encourage a type of behavior that the hideaway doesn’t already foster?

  3. Jessica it’s because they’re close to the baseball fields. The City doesn’t allow new bars to open within a certain distance of school property. That’s why they’re filing for an exemption from that rule.

  4. Invanhoe is frequently a mess as far as parking goes when I’m trying to go to one of the bars or restaurants. It’s starting to happen in the Milk distrcit too and I can understand the frustrations of the issue for those living in the neighborhood. Defintely not something that should be ignored by new businesses hoping to open in the area!

  5. Exactly, Gordon. It’s not the growth that’s the issue, it’s uncontrolled growth. I’m as excited as anyone to see our neighborhood booming, but am reasonably concerned with the lack of mitigation for the increased parking and traffic. Not just blocked driveways – what about our narrow roads that have people illegally parking on both sides, totally blocking access for emergency vehicles? Parking restrictions need to be enforced. Perhaps resident permit only parking for a certain % of the street?

  6. Where is this coming from? That warehouse is across the street from the hideaway…

  7. I have no problem with growth, Derek, and am quite aware that living in a destination neighborhood has already increased my property value. I enjoy living in a neighborhood that offers a lot of entertainment, but no one should suffer having their driveway blocked because of rude and thoughtless bar patrons. I’d be fine with greater density after the city provides sufficient urban infrastructure to support it without negatively impacting the quality of life in my neighborhood.

  8. I would hope nobody at LHP prep would contest it considering how many other establishments with alcohol exist nearby.

  9. They are also seeking a variance allowing them to provide fewer parking spaces than required by code. The neighbors have serious concerns about bar patrons taking up all available street parking and even parking in front of driveways which already frequently happens in parts of our neighborhood. This is not a done deal.

  10. Rachel Fgate looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a regular beer alley 😉

  11. Rachel Fgate looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a regular beer alley 😉

  12. That would be a problem bc Id eat there everyday instead of grocery shop U0001f62c