Starting in mid-June, the Federal Department of Transportation will be closing down the Ivanhoe I-4 interstate exit ramp, permanently.

This will be at roughly the same time the interstate parking lots will be closed near Church Street.

The eastbound exit will not be reopening due to major changes caused by the I-4 Ultimate expansion.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. I love that they decide to close Bumby for 2 years while this whole mess is going on- if you live in APGD, your choices for getting out have just become very limited.

  2. Can Bungalower inquire to the I4 Ultimate web site on how they can better communicate this info?  I have looked all over and the only way you can tell that Ivanhoe is closing is if you watch the flyover.  However, lots of information about the rerouting of traffic around Minnesota is available.  I find the Ivanhoe info would be much more valuable to many more people and should be featured prominently even if everyone is unhappy that the exit is closing.

  3. I hate this…. I use the Ivanhoe ramps everyday. Welcome to the madness…. who’s “brilliant” idea was this?

  4. I really see an issue if Eastbound on ramp and westbound off ramp go away. I will miss EB off ramp but it’s the least needed of the four.

  5. Now why don’t we have a better rail system in place? There should be trains running to and from every hospital and college and the airports! I’m tired of cars and I-4!

  6. With that closing, they could technically close the colonial cutoff westbound that gets people passing all the stopped traffic on the right.

  7. Great. Now the Princeton exit will be slammed by the extra traffic from there as well from the upcoming mixed use nightmares.

  8. Princeton is a horror. I’ve already switched to 441 as my route through Golfview.

  9. So will westbound AND eastbound Ivanhoe be closed? I love my westbound Ivanhoe exit

  10. I always loved the scenery off the Ivanhoe ramp, it calmed me down for my approach home. It really was the most beautiful exit.

  11. Princeton ramp not closing permanently… Will be closed over next week 10pm-5am to widen ramp exit.

  12. ok so Princeton, Ivanhoe, parking lots, I-4 ultimate and Bumby all of which directly affect me on a daily basis….yeeeeeeeeeeah this has been a fun time. NOT!

  13. I cannot say enough how much I miss the old Bungalower.  Can you please stop trying to be funny and clever and just be a journalist?