According to a report by Orlando Business Journal, 4 Rivers Smokehouse is signing a five-year lease on the first floor City Hall cafe space, downtown.

The new concept, 4R Central Kitchen, will be catering mostly to the breakfast and brunch crowd but still through a barbecue-lens.

The cafe space is currently closed, but once the 4 Rivers concept is approved by City Council on June 15 (Editor’s Note: and why wouldn’t it be?) renovations will begin.

The 4R Central Kitchen is scheduled for an October opening.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. John Rivers: nice job engaging in dialogue. Shows good leadership characteristics … well done.

  2. I love this conversation. Thanks to John Rivers for responding. In answer to Shane above, I don’t shop at Publix for several reasons related to politics and haven’t been shopping there for a couple of years. It’s possible.

  3. Sounds great John, I am happy to hear about what you and your company are doing. I’ll ok forward to talk w your team member. Thank you for replying!

  4. Hi Andrea, I typically don’t but feel strongly about the subject of discrimination. To answer your questions, we go to Summit however are unaware of the blogs in reference. Its something that I plan to look into. Yes, we provide benefits to same sex couples just like everyone else and have policies in place to protect against discrimination for sexual orientation or any other discrimination. Though I believe we’re all set, I’d be happy to arrange a meeting with HR Team and I to learn more about your efforts at the non-profit and to share what we’re doing in case we’re missing anything. If you don’t mind, I’ll ask my assistant to reach out under separate cover to arrange a time convenient for your schedule. Thanks for following up and clarifying your statement. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

  5. Shane Pagano equality through economics. People do shop in other places and that’s one way to show support or not of the companies and how they do business.

  6. Hi John Rivers, I really like that you replied, I didn’t expect it but maybe should have. My original comment was only from what I have read and have heard from others. I have eaten at your restaurants 4 times and the food is really good. I just read more from Summits website. Can you clarify the relationship between 4R and Summit? From some of the blogs Summit posted on homosexuality it appears to be not fully embracing of LGBT. The one particular about raising children was offensive. Now ,I am a born again Christian and proud to be! I’m disappointed in the humans that take it upon themselves to judge and will just be aware of where I choose to go to church and not. But for a business to be open to the public and employ others… Can you help us to understand if 4R provides healthcare to same sex couples of the employee, has a company policy that protects an employee from discrimination and being fired for sexual orientation and sexual identity? If not, how can I help? I chair a local non- profit Out & Equal Workplace Greater Orlando. Our soul focus is workplace inclusion. If you do offer and are a fair employer and fully embrace diversity of people, let’s talk and help get the word out and clear this up! Brendan Bunting O’Connor to your comment, yes that is what I was referencing.

  7. Patrick…We supported 481 different organizations last year. The focus is more on the cause then the organization itself, but our core – largest efforts are on supporting the homeless (Coalition for the Homeless), the hungry (Community Food Outreach), the recovering (Central Care Mission), Foster children (Foundation for Foster Children), advancement for the underserved (Elevate Orlando), sick children (Arnold Palmer and Florida Hospital foundation) and most of the middle and high schools in the cities we operate.

  8. Very hopeful for this. I know they love the mystique of having lines out the doors of their restaurants, but hopefully they will both organize and staff this place properly.

  9. I love 4 Rivers, but I would be curious to hear more about which nonprofits you actually support.

  10. Thank you Shane, some of our dearest friends and employees are gay. It saddens me greatly to read comments based off assumptions when those making them don’t know us personally.

  11. Congratulations John Rivers and team…and basically anyone in striking distance of City Hall!

  12. Publix donates to anti gay causes too, but I am sure everyone here will still shop there? Fact is if we worried about every business that donated to an anti LGBT cause, we’d have nowhere to shop. Pick your battles people!