Atli Group, a resort company from the southern coast of Turkey, is opening a new nightspot in South Eola called, Tsar Champagne and Caviar Lounge (Facebook | Website) to the former DTA speakeasy location at 101 Eola [Gmap].
According to a report by the Orlando Sentinel the owner, Erol Altunbay, is hoping to run shuttle buses from Dr. Phillips and Winter Park to his downtown location.

There was no opening date available at the time of this post.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Actually, I spent 5 months in Turkey, and they didn’t have much alcoholic beverages that were worth drinking (moslem country), just Raki and some god-awfull beer. And a lot of the Turks want their women to wear veils (moslem again). So, even though I really like Turkey a lot, a “Turkish nightclub” does not sound all that appealing to me.

  2. Yeah, like a box with Tsars and caviar is a Russian box. A box with lemon tea and hand-knotted carpets is a Turkish box. Eh, Brendan?

  3. it’s the old DTA … hope it works out for them. Not too many businesses have had such luck between that spot and where Mingos use to be.