The windows at Yum-Mi Sandwiches (Facebook) went dark a few weeks ago, with promises to reopen “after vacation” but with Thai food. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since last December.

According to the Orlando Weekly, Yum-Mi, is now owned by the same people behind Thai Cuisine (Website) on Edgewater Drive. They will be replacing the failed bahn mi concept with a new Thai restaurant, that should be opening this summer.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I loved Yum-mi.  I also love Thai Cuisine.  Im hoping they are just opening another spot, and not shutting down their current location.

  2. How about a #%!@$ Indian restaurant!!! Why is there such an utter lack of Indian cuisine in the downtown neighborhoods? Everything else is well accounted for, so it seems someone should have seen the opportunity and seized it by now. They would have no direct competition for miles.

  3. Yum Mi was OK but there were 20 other places to get better and cheaper banh mi within a half mile radius. And their hours were awful. This new spot should take notice of the area and tailor their hours to suit.

  4. Will miss them , but they were open 2 out of 10 times I visited and enjoyed , where were they? They were operating as a place to eat and at the same time next week not open, sign lit up open?

  5. I’m shocked that Yum-Mi didn’t survive. It was a good place for cheap Vietnamese subs. It should have been more popular. Sad to see it go.