QUESTION: Dear Bungalower, when will Alden be disappearing forever? I heard someone from the Main Street Program say it would be in August.

The answer, according to the City, is a little convoluted, as Alden Road isn’t really “disappearing,” but will actually be diverted, to take over neighboring Philadelphia.

The development plan for the Yard at Ivanhoe project calls to close Alden to traffic from Virginia up to South Lake Formosa. Alden Road will be realigned to connect with Philadelphia Avenue, just to the east, as shown in the graphic above.

The developers have to reconstruct Philadelphia before they will be allowed to close Alden. Once that work has been completed and approved by the City’s Public Works and Transportation Engineering departments, the northern portion of Alden between Virginia and South Lake Formosa will be able to be closed to traffic.
Work is rumored to begin in late October but we were unable to confirm this by the time of this post.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. In terms of small businesses, I agree that it’s a shame to force them to move, but that doesn’t mean they’re forced to close. Thirsty Topher will stay local, The Venue is supposed to be relocated into the development, and hopefully some of the artists will be able to afford a live/work loft onsite. Also, the property has been zoned for this use for a long time and we’ve been hearing about this development for a while.
    Traffic could be an issue, but that’s a growing pain that every evolving city goes through. Without lots of people and some traffic you don’t get decent public transportation. In the next few years we’ll see SunRail expanded, some of the Urban Trail gaps filled, and an Ivanhoe Lymmo route–as well as a new intersection and better sidewalks in and around the site.

  2. You’re right we should be excited about people walking, biking and taking the train. Unfortunately I am only seeing more bastardly vehicle traffic overloading our streets. Which will then get widened. So they can all drive faster.

  3. Yes there are good things. But there are bad things, like forcing a number of small businesses to close.

  4. We’re excited for the rumored boardwalk improvements along Lake Formosa, even though we haven’t seen the plans yet.

  5. So sad. How many more layers of approval does the project need to actually happen? City council still has to approve… So it’s not a done deal yet.

  6. Am I the only one excited to see more people in our neighborhood, especially people walking, biking, and taking the train? I’d rather see this area grow than build more suburbs.

  7. This makes me sad. I realize this will be planned charming & planned beautiful but in doing so will lose its charm & affordability. It’ll no longer be this unplanned gem behind Ivanhoe

  8. The plan is to dance tee hee around it all U0001f602 bouree turn left onto the 408 lol!

  9. That is my shortcut to drop kids at Orlando Ballet. Princeton is surely becoming a nightmare with Ivanhoe closure. Where’s the planning?

  10. This sucks!!! Losing great businesses/neighborhoods to gentrification. Why don’t the Disney-fy another neighborhood…ours is just fine the way it is!!!!

  11. “before it becomes nothing more than the name of a sandwich at a future retailer” – The downside to grassroots things that take off.