As everyone is aware, the new Yard at Ivanhoe development will be taking over all of Alden Road later in the year.

The Thirsty Topher (Facebook), currently located in a retrofitted garage on Alden Road, will be relocating into the former Cindy’s Tropical Cafe location on Virginia Drive [Gmap].
The new location will stay true to the original aesthetics Topher-heads have come to love; low lights, great draft and wine list, no tvs and friendly service. However, it will be slightly smaller at 700 SF.

The original bar will stay open until November 15, and the new location should be open in the next three months, so all of the “Ivanhoodlums” out there will have some overlap to look forward to.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Topher, Gnarley, 10 Ten, Nora’s, Santiagos, all kinds of great stuff on that little strip now.

  2. That’s not much farther from where they are now. It’s sad that the beautiful wood bar too won’t fit in there though. But that beer selection though! U0001f37b

  3. Too bad the city did not plan ahead to accommodate parking for businesses in that area. It would be great to park in one place and just walk the avenue.

  4. Hello!
    Unfortunately the bar is a little too big for Cindys (10ft too big).
    We would never cut it up to fit so we are going to put the beast into hibernation for a bit, It will be back though.
    We love you all!

  5. I like the Thirsty Topher, but not looking forward to people parking on my street to go there!

  6. Thirsty Topher – Gnarly Barley – Ten 10 Brewing – all on one street. mmm…beer.

  7. I’ll follow them wherever they move, but it’s a shame that area is being ruined for more apartments.