A senior living facility is being proposed for 421 E. Robinson Street [Gmap].
Currently a single-story office building, originally built in 1965, with adjoining parking lot, the property faces Lake Eola and is adjacent to the multi-story private condo project, Reeves House.

The developers of Eola 421, were hoping to construct a nine-story residential project, with a graduated height, that holds a maximum of 110 units, but it seems like it has been downgraded to seven-stories in more recent drafts.

According to their application to the City, the Ridgewood facing the side of the lot would hold townhomes, to fit in with the character of the street, as seen in the graphic below.


Rendering courtesy of City of Orlando
Image courtesy of Google Street View

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. haha well Ann Singley, it is an ink drawing! we slapped it onto a Google Street View image.

  2. haha Sam Gallaher that wasn’t intentional. We were using that doctored image we created in-house and then found the actual rendering after we’d published the story. When we switched it out we neglected to change the thumbnail. Apologies!

  3. finally a place for Ryan Morse and Jennifer HuYoung when they are finally kicked out of his leases. Tripp Driskell Drew Charles Taryn

  4. I’m glad to see some development coming to this area of downtown, which is such a rarely used space, despite being located by our most famous park. It’s also nice to see a much more attractive senior living facility downtown as opposed to many of the older high-rise facilities we have now.
    However, I would LOVE to see ground floor retail incorporated into the project – especially as we look for Robinson to become a complete street that is better designed for pedestrians and people on bicycles. This street could become a great shopping area.
    Also, not sure why Bungalow used the photo above when they have such a much better one in the link…

  5. Denied! they need to tear down an existing retirement home (cause they all downtown look like poop) and build on top of that. Please do not build another one when all of them need updating.