The City of Winter Park’s Library Task Force has released a report that recommends moving the public library to Martin Luther King Jr. Park, in the western part of the city [Gmap].

The current building has received a number of complaints over the years for not being ADA compliant and for a lack of parking.

The task force considered two other options that included expanding the existing building but there wouldn’t be enough parking available for the increased footprint, requiring the construction of a parking garage on site. The other option being building a branch at City Hall on Park Avenue.


The cost to renovate or rebuild the current library building is estimated to be around $22 M, compared to the estimated $15 M price tag of relocating to MLK Jr. Park.

The Winter Park City Commission has yet to agree on which option they like the most.

The full report by the Library Task Force can be read HERE.

Editor’s Note: An interesting fourth option that has been brought up in the past but not researched in this report is the potential to combine the library with the post office in Winter Park’s Central Park.




Brendan O'Connor

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  1. The Post Office site on Central Park was explored extensively by the Library Facility Task force and was the Task Force’s preferred location for a new facility when it presented its first report to the City Commisison in December 2014. That report is here: http://www.wppl.org/info/TaskForceFiles/Library_Facility_Task_Force_Report.pdf. The Commission definitively declined to accept that recommendation, primarily because the acquisition of the property was not a financial priority for the City and would also require the City to pay to construct a new post office distribution site for the USPS. It was at that time that the Task Force was extended for six additional months and specifically directed to examine the Civic Center, City Hall and current site for new building possibilities.

  2. I never knew why. It was going to go on that lot at the corner of Morse and Denning, where the old office building was torn down and now there’s a new office building.

  3. It’s a perfect spot! And what an exciting new library and setting will be available for the community to enjoy!

  4. It’s a great choice (and very near where the library wanted to move some years ago, but City Council wouldn’t let them do it).