The Florida Department of Transportation will be installing a new exfiltration system on Lake Ivanhoe as part of the ongoing I-4 Ultimate project, as part of a commitment to not build any new stormwater ponds in College Park.

An exfiltration system collects stormwater runoff and filters the water through a series of bedding, pipes and under-drainage. In order to build the system however, a number of trees need to be removed from the available right-of-way. Trees cannot be replanted nearby as they will impact the performance and design of the system’s infrastructure over time with their roots, but FDOT promises to spend an adequate amount of money to ensure that the area will be aesthetically pleasing.

Most of the nearby trees on the Ivanhoe Village side of the interstate have already been cleared.


Nearby residents are banding together to try to change the plan for the corner lot with a “Save Our Trees” campaign as seen on this sign in the photo below.


Bungalower has written about the promised $28 M landscaping plan previously, HERE.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I would hate to own a home anywhere near I-4. The misery those poor people must be going through!

  2. We should have INSISTED on the high speed mag-lev rail system that we voted for years ago, before Jeb Bush gave all those tax cuts to the uber rich. This entire project is an absolute nightmare. No wonder so many homes are for sale!

  3. Haven’t read it yet, but when I was coming up I-4 a week and a half ago I noticed all the trees taken out between the lake and the highway. Ugh.