Photo by Monica Blount courtesy of Brittany Lyne
Photo by Monica Blount courtesy of Brittany Lyne

This photo was sent to us from the folks at Houndstooth Sauce Company (Facebook) today, of a police car that allegedly crashed head-on into an ambulance at the corner of Corrine and Winter Park Road.

We have yet to hear about the status of the drivers, but someone from Big Daddy’s (Facebook)  reportedly had to haul a ladder over from the restaurant to pull the driver and passenger from the flipped ambulance.

We recently wrote about the number of accidents along this road HERE.

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  1. Commissioner, Robert Stuart, wrote me last evening after my pictures and repeated complaints about this road and said City of Orlando cannot make any changes to Corrine Drive because Orange County owns it.

  2. Welcome to Autobahn Park. No speed limit enforcement. No bike lanes. No regard for pedestrians.

  3. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that only 2 travel lanes are needed, and since the road width is already there, the obvious option is to utilize that space for protected bike lanes. Give me one of those paint trucks and I could complete in a day or two what the city hasn’t done in years – and I don’t need a $30,000 grant for a “demonstration project” to do it.

  4. I knew they applied for one, but didn’t know that they got one. What do they need a grant for a “demonstration project” for? If there was a vision plan, there was an urban planner which means a professional in the precisely-related field-of-study has already told the city what needs to be done. Why don’t they just do it?

  5. i suggest creating a “boulevard” by building more landscape islands. late 1990s i was involved in changing edgewater striping from 4 lanes to the current two travel lanes and center turn with bike lanes. if edgewater were as wide as corrine we would have the islands. just need to be considerate in placement of the islands and involve the businesses. edgewater slower traffic actually was a benefit to the business community.

  6. Bingo… Quite a few of those in Orlando. I know they had a Vision Plan for Corrine that came out a few years ago – why is the city so slow to implement positive changes? I know we all cheer when we hear of progress, but in all the years I’ve lived here, we’ve never actually done anything. The last complete street project we completed was over 13 years ago.

  7. PS- thanks for the update.. was wondering why there is a helicopter hovering over my ‘hood.

  8. It certainly does not help that some “city planner” thought it would be a good idea to close Bumby and start I4 construction all at the same time.  The traffic along Corrine has been HORRIBLE lately.  Now with the Ivanhoe exit closed, watch out Princeton.

  9. While there are certainly non-design-related factors at play here, this again highlights the need to calm traffic on Corrine. Far too many people being hurt on this residential street that has the same engineering design as a high-speed highway. Hope all recover quickly.