Frank Flanagan is a freelance writer fresh from Rhode Island. This is part of a series of posts by Flanagan where he explores Orlando with a newcomer’s perspective. 

By Frank Flanagan

This past weekend artistic multi-platform College Park venue the Space Station (Facebook) hosted Orlando’s first ever Zine Fest. Amidst live music, participants bounced from table to table admiring a myriad of handcrafted and independently published ‘zines, interacting with the exhibitors/’zine creators, and each other.

A “‘zine”, short-form for magazine, is usually a small, self-published collection of short stories, poems, photos, etc., that comes in a variety of formats. Most ‘zines are cheap to produce on a mass scale and as such are photocopied and hand folded.

Examples of more popular ‘zines that have made a name for themselves include: Bitch, Giant Robot, and Dazed & Confused.

Shops like Bookmark It (Facebook | Website) and Park Ave CD’s (Facebook | Website) vary a variety of ‘zines available for purchase.

Here are some of the standout ‘zines from Saturday’s event.


From IDeclare

IDeclare: Wild Card

Organized by Jonathan Pamplin (Facebook)

“IDeclare is a performance and art series about the parts of ourselves that are hidden, the parts invisible to others.” For many, IDeclare is a creative outlet through which contributors and readers can reckon with identity issues. The ‘zine includes photography, illustrations, poetry, and prose. Under the umbrella of the Emperor’s New Prose, a community organization effort, IDeclare welcomes you to join them.



Tittie Thyme Vol. 6

Tittie Thyme (Facebook | Website)

Tittie Thyme wants you to know that it is not only a ‘zine, nor is it just a collective. Tittie Thyme is anything you want it to be. The first page of their ‘zine explains the collective’s goal, “to encourage, empower, and uplift people of all variant paths.” Vol. 6 features a menstrual cup advocacy piece, information regarding factory farming in the U.S., as well as podcast recommendations, and a playlist for the brokenhearted.




by Anonymous

A mixture of poetry, prose, quotes, and vocabulary, VÖLVA reads like a thoughtfully curated journal. Though the author kept his name off of the ‘zine, a personal decision, he was very outgoing and willing speak about his creation. VÖLVA, as he put it, is just of collection of things he made or is interested in. His only objective is for people to enjoy it.

Editor’s Note: “Volva” is a seeress in Norse mythology. This ‘zine featured work by award-winning artist Brandon Guerts (Website).


 From Tour Diary 2015

Tour Diary 2015

by the Vinyl Warhol (Facebook | Website)

Tour Diary 2015 is actually what its title suggests – a tour diary. Matthew Weller and Karina, founders of Orlando-music blog the Vinyl Warhol, chronicle their experiences touring with local-band, Me Chinese. Packed with photography, illustrations, and witty journal entries, Tour Diary 2015 is highly entertaining and probably the funniest ‘zine at ‘Zinefest.

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