Orlando Brewing (Facebook | Website) is one of the oldest breweries in Central Florida. It’s hidden away in the industrial park behind SODO, in Downtown South [Gmap].

The brewery is certified 100% USDA organic, which makes it one of only ten in the nation where all of their ingredients are organic, despite organic hops being twice as expensive as its non-organic counterpart. The brewery also has two non-organic beer offerings, in order to sell them through vendors like Publix, who are unable to cold-store their beers for a long time, which could lead to spoilage of products that are unpasteurized or lack preservatives.
Orlando Brewing (OB) distributes all over Florida, and is one of Disney World’s newest partners in the parks. The new Harambe Marketplace in Animal Kingdom only offers two beers at the food stalls, one of which is none other than OB.

This month they will be launching a their new 64 oz stainless steal growler. It is a new reusable container that local OB drinkers will be able to sanitize on site and refill with their favorite brew. Editor’s Note: we suggest the coconut stout, Papa Midnight.

The interior of the brewery is a traditional wooden, dimly-lit brew pub, with regular faces and friendly bartenders.

While taking advantage of the free brewery tour last week (anyone can sign up for a free tour, click HERE for more information), Bungalower learned that OB has a remarkably low employee turnover – the woman giving our tour was the most recently hired bartender, and had been there for five years.

We didn't get a chance to ask about this bus. Anyone know the story?
We didn’t get a chance to ask about this bus. Anyone know the story?


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  1. To each their own, and I am biased because I work there (started as customer, than volunteer, now employee) but I know I personally and many, many other people love our beer. We love people to come by and try our award-winning beers for themselves!
    In terms of the six packs, there are only two kinds that are not brewed and bottled on site — the I4 IPA and the Right on Red Ale. While we do make both of these beers with organic ingredients on site and offer them on tap, the bottled versions we contract out so they are able to be distributed farther.
    The reason for that being that in addition to our beers made on site being 100% certified USDA Organic, they are also unpasteurized. We believe this causes the beer to taste fresher than if it were pasteurized. However, because of this our beer has to remain cold, which means that any store that would display them in a non-refrigerated area cannot carry them. That is why we have those two contracted brews made to distribute to places that otherwise could not carry our beer. It is a great way to get our name out to more customers, which in turn leads to more people coming by the actual brewery to try more.
    With that said, we do offer six packs in the taproom and at some retailers of our beer that we brew on site, and those, along with any beer of ours you ever see on tap anywhere (our beer is on tap at multiple local restaurants, bars, and hotels), is 100% organic.
    In terms of where we get our organic ingredients, you should come to a tour some time as the tour guides will tell you the specific farms IN AMERICA from which we get our ingredients.

  2. I agree on the organic thing, maybe that’s why i don’t personally like their beer. But they do alot for the Hospitality industry and always happy to support anything Orlando

  3. Their beers are alright. I heard some good breweries are opening up east like Tomoka and Playalinda

  4. You mean that many organic products are imported from third world countries. You know a countries governments that may or may not exist next year. Certainly those governments are making it a top priority that their farmers follow organic protocol in order to feed “rich” Americans properly. 🙂

  5. And I’m sure they would argue the organic point, but the organic argument isn’t one I’m about to start.

  6. Someone may really like them if they check ’em out. I try not to judge too harshly, as beer is very a much ‘to each their own’ thing.

  7. I’d venture they’d disagree “whole organic angle seems to be a marketing ploy”.
    BTW Hilarious.- “But I support my local breweries, so get out there and check them out.”

  8. Honest opinion? They’re alright. The setup is lacking compared to most breweries I’ve been to (needs more comfy outdoor seating) but it’s entirely adequate as far as a bar goes. Would like more food truck presence, and better parking. As for the beer? Meh, some are better than others but the whole organic angle seems to be a marketing ploy. It doesn’t help with the taste of the beer, and right now the offerings of the non-organic breweries in Florida is blowing them away. It is also sad to see their 6-packs aren’t even brewed/bottled on site it seems.
    But I support my local breweries, so get out there and check them out.