New suites have opened at the top of Church Street’s 55 West building (Website).  The top floor of the 32-story downtown apartment building now features a newly opened sky loft and penthouse apartments.

Most of the new rooms have open floor plans and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the Orlando skyline from all directions. Residents also have access to resort-style pool deck and spa, outdoor pool bar and grill, and an attached parking garage.

Prior to the opening, the building was at 95 percent occupancy, but with the new apartments opening it has fallen into the ’80s.

Bungalower was there for the first open house and we managed to snap the following photos.

Click HERE to plan a visit.

Top floor hallway
Top floor hallway









Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Had a friend that lived in city view it was questionable bums everywhere is right on Paramore is NOT GOOD

  2. Save your cash and move to City View if you don’t mind a little BS and lower rent. Basically has the same amenities for 1/4 the rent and free parking in a locked garage.

  3. I woke up one day to every floor graffiti out with nasty comments on the walls. From 2-14 I think I still may have photos

  4. I have lived in both solaire and 55 and both were less than favorable experiences. Constant noise fines, shitty management, malfunctioning fire alarms, maintainence needing to gain entry to your unit once a month blah blah blah.

  5. I’m very glad at 19 when this was even being pitched I had my mom sell her 2 condos , right next to the backstreet boys manager, I told her it was campy and Orlando wasn’t going to be like it was for her downtown with zonies etc downtown late 80’s early 90’s. I’m 30 now and we still drive by and laugh … I’m surprised it’s not part section 9, ghost town .

  6. The building received the CO back in 2008. It makes me happy that they have finally built out all of the unfinished floors. Now they need to fill the empty retail space.

  7. Lol I think any building I that side of downtown will have the same issue. I moved to a different part of downtown and it’s a more of a young professional crowd. Nicer and quiet. No loud clubs or train right in ur balcony lol

  8. heh upscale college dorm, that is how i would describe solaire too but solaire is prob a step above 55w. which isn’t saying much.

  9. It’s terrible! I lasted 6 months. Your guest HAVE to PAY parking, the maintenance sucks cause it’s a 30 story building with not enough people to clean it. It’s basically an upscale college dorm.

  10. From your balcony you could hear a different tacky ladies night each day of the week!

  11. To whom much is given, much will be required Willy Beamin CC: Matt Best It’s time to take one for the team