As reported by Orlando Weekly (HERE), a PR spokesperson has confirmed that the popular burger chain owned by the famous Wahlberg brothers will be replacing Simply Puur downtown [Gmap].

Simply Puur’s staff will reportedly be laid off this Friday to make way for the Boston-based chain, Wahlburgers (Website), made famous by the popular television show.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. You know what Chris. I (the Editor) understand what you’re saying, and we’ll try to be more sensitive in the future.

  2. I did not get any of that “chain pushing out small business” tone from your post. Just seemed out of context, and better suited to just say the business was closing. Maybe it is better covered in the full article.

  3. Chris, that’s a big part of why this story is important. A local business is laying off its staff in order for a chain to come in.

  4. Hahaha. I know Joel D. Martinez. I’ve known for a while. Just was waiting for a date.

  5. Why do they have to lay off current employees. Y not just retrain the ones that are there!!!!!

  6. i’ve been waiting on a burger joint to open that is owned by someone who committed a hate crime! i’m sure our Vietnamese population will enjoy it too. but hey, BURGERS!! WOO!

  7. Disappointed again with Bungalower’s insensitivity in reporting. Did you need to state that people are getting laid off this Friday?

  8. Do we really need more hamburgers downtown? Couldn’t somebody come up with something new?

  9. Yeah, you can do a burger crawl. Start at HB to HM to GJ to Walhburgers then to the new spot in the Plaza building.

  10. Wow, that’s sad in a couple of ways. First the lay off and second being the introduction of yet another burger joint. How my varieties of burger places does a city need?